DEBT-FREE twice :)

Well, it’s Wednesday, December 22, 2021, and yippee-ki-yay, I will be debt-free (for a second time) in three months.

This was the hardest of my goals. My troubles started with giving a monetary loan to my dad so long ago who couldn’t repay it, almost losing my house, getting a terrible roommate, doing odd jobs like becoming a bartender, server, pet-sitter, and ESL tutor including voice over gigs as side hustle jobs to learning about finance, passive income, stocks, business grants from the SBA (Small Business Administration) and learning from the most ill credit card companies in the business.

American Express kicked my ass every single month by dinging my credit delinquent until the pandemic hit which was when three quarters of the world couldn’t pay their bills. That’s when they ultimately stopped. I guess they didn’t have enough employees for that.

American Express, the most hated of credit card companies, tops the list. Even my father, who always paid on time until his mental state declined, stated that he would never get a card from them again. Mom and I review the incoming household bills. I have to check with him frequently about them.

I also tried doing summer work with the board of education in my field and was financially discriminated against while my colleague got “his full pay” as colleagues during a music summer workshop let me know that I was learning the hard knocks that would last a lifetime.

Through it all, I paid my debts. I was sued twice (Chevron and American Express) until I paid them in full. Finally received by 15K from the EIDL grant and $2500 from the Facebook Minority Grant which I never dreamed that I would receive.

The board of education paid us our $1k vaccination bonus and educators got our checks from the GoldShaye Class Action settlement twice. Checks paid to educators for another three years (until I retire) for a total of five years. The school district finally decided that we should receive a bonus of 6% of our income since we were “risking our lives” by returning back to the classroom to teach while our peers were dying of COVID-19. I almost quit when I heard the superintendent spoke that if we were afraid of returning to work, we should get therapy. A patron paid for my initial therapy for six months for which I’m extremely grateful. Afterwards, I took over the payments at $150 per session.

My goals have changed. This is the second time that I eliminated my debt. I have new goals that involve passive income, savings, and choosing my work projects.

Yes, I’m thankful. My new goal is to never return to debt. My lifestyle and mental choices have changed.

However, I was angry of my treatment by so-called friends, family, individuals, real estate companies, credit card companies, the BOE, and myself for my lack of financial knowledge that almost killed me. I had to fight to stay in the middle class. I helped my family financially when I didn’t have the funds to lend for them and it almost killed me. Am I still angry? No, I’m not. Naivety can kill you. Now, I love my family, friends, and loved ones (even those that I no longer associate with). I love God. However, my therapist taught me to put myself first. Put on your oxygen mask first before helping others. This specific tip was the best. There are many stories that I could add to this post in relationship to my debt free status. I’ll share them eventually.

Life is the ultimate education, not educational institutions themselves. IMO (in my opinion), people pay for a college education just to remain in the middle class. It’s the individual who educates themselves for a more lucrative life beyond it.

If you’ve read this far, then maybe, you’re intrigued or a fan. Thanks.

Stay healthy.

Happy New Year!


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Ahhhh!!! (Hands in the Air!!!)

Do you ever just want to “choke” yourself? Sometimes, in my voice over lessons, I fall into “lava pits” with myself in copy.

Without giving away all of my bad habits, I can really make things harder than they are and I wonder why? Also, I am ditching all the bad advice from previous voice-over coaches while I work with the best coach who gets all of my idiosyncrasies and mishaps. I can be thankful for that. My brain, mind, and voice really works in sync with my core connection to script, copy, song, and life. A person can’t relate everything together; some things are separate from each other. However, I rediscovered the lesson that I had learned previously and applied it to new copy today. When I feel like an idiot, I can admit it most days which is good. I can say….okay. Chill the “f@kc out” and “connect the dots fool.”

I’m a riot … for many reasons.

Note to Self: I can take classes more frequently now which is great.

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Pandemic and Public School Education

On March 12, 2020, metro Atlanta schools shut down due to COVID-19. I was feverishly working on a performance for my select advanced choir members when I realized that this performance will never happen. We were in a pandemic and I immediately explained to the bookkeeper in the morning that the choir wasn’t going to attend. That evening on the news, the schools in the state of Georgia shut down.

They were shut down for a year. Yesterday, March 9, 2021, students were able to return back to the building. There are two cohorts. The first cohort came and the next cohort will arrive on Monday, March 15, 2021.

It seems unreal that I’ve taught music via Zoom this whole time with few exceptions in the building when educators were instructed to return back to the building in February 3, 2021. I refused to give myself a few days since my ADA paperwork signed by my doctor did not get a response except that it was received. I arrived on Monday, February 8th with a vaccine shot in which I claimed caretaker of my mom. Since then, I received the second shot on February 27th and the family is vaccinated except the youngest which will refuse the vaccine.

Being alone during the pandemic with only my cat was an experience. I would see my parents but wouldn’t hug them and stayed my distance so that I wouldn’t pass anything onto them. Now, I can hug them again.

I’m unsure of the long term effects of the pandemic. I am receiving therapy which was a gift from a patron. It’s helpful. I had a lot to say about public education and the pandemic. Half a million people died including a cousin from COVID-19. So many people died. It was a fight to keep my parents healthy and myself even though they mostly did what I shared. I was adamant: Keep your mask on (I don’t care what the CDC says that you don’t have to wear a mask); stay 6 feet away; don’t hug people; keep your hands away from your face; wash hands for 20 seconds; wear your masks (that I paid for the family).

I’m different now than I was a year ago; however, I’m thankful.

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Happy New Year 2021

Good afternoon!

I’m pausing to reflect on 2020..hmmm. I’m looking back at this year with some tough love, reflection, self preservation and returned love.

Some cool things that occurred were securing two business grants for GVOS totaling $3500, paying off debt, and restoring my finances.

GVOS the company will have a new perspective. It’s been difficult teaching full-time, auditioning for film, and auditioning for VO. More information will come forth throughout the year. I technically retire from teaching in four years.

I’m breathing thank God and want to take one step at a time about the future. COVID-19 was the great leveling in the world. I’m thankful to still be on planet Earth.

Remain well and safe. Stay healthy. Breathe.


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USA 46th President goes to…..

Joe Biden, President, and Kamala Harris, Vice President.


I’m glad. I’m working hard to assist my family during the pandemic. I’m thankful for good news at last. However, I’ve never worked harder to stay healthy while assisting my family. It’s the toughest time I’ve seen in my lifetime. I was born in 1970 so for the past 50 years (birthday is November 25th), I’ve never seen anything like it. Dad said that the 60s were worse. I believe that as well. However, I hope that this new administration can bring people together without inflammatory critique.

We’ll see.

I did get some tax benefits owning GVOS under #45. His whole goal was to protect business (and provide tax breaks for the wealthy). I would want Biden to help business as well. It was helpful. However, Biden will hopefully use less inflammatory language during his term.

Geez. Please?! As a black woman, I was timid to go out in public, not just to stay healthy. I had fear as a person of color to leave my house. I saw George Floyd die on Facebook and people of color dying in the streets via video.

We’ll find out.


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COVID-19 Anxiety

Since March 12, 2020, the school system shut down in person teaching and automatically switched to online teaching. It was sink or swim for many teachers. For me, I had started working from home online teaching ESL students in China with a company called VIPKID which I still do to this day. The company allows me to work online from home so I was ahead of the game. I already had an online classroom along with my voice-over room in my home. Two rooms were set up for online businesses. I was grateful.

Now that we are in July (four months along), the solitude has been tough. I come from a broken home with both parents still married but with many sibling issues. As an observer, I’ve watched my family go through high levels of stress with two brothers that are disabled. One brother has a family of six who is homeless and the stress of supporting my siblings’ family during COVID-19 has taken its toll.

Obviously, the financial strain has been difficult during COVID-19 with a brother who’s family is homeless and another disabled brother that is located back in Oklahoma with no family at all able to see him due to COVID-19.

I have more to share. However, I will leave with this comment. Acknowledge the difficulties. Seek assistance that is available. I have a group of people in a Bible Study class that prays for everyone which has been a solid group of people to also pray for. I have gone to therapy. Yes, my family has gone to counseling due to the high level of stress that we’ve endured. I also have sought individual counseling. I will go back again. I have a blog so that I don’t put my family on blast. It would be a downer to have a YouTube channel and I don’t want to showcase my family or myself in that platform in that way.

COVID-19 has skyrocketed that anxiety levels of people around the world. It looks like I will be working from home for the rest of 2020. The numbers of infected people keep rising which means that educational institutions will more likely continue virtual learning until the numbers drop. I don’t see that happening in the near future in the so-called United States of America.

I support my family in different ways: financially, day care for my nieces, assist with doctor visits for my parents, visit my sibling in Oklahoma or set up video conferencing concerning his welfare with the state agency, parents and myself.

If you see me and ask me how I’m doing, more likely I will say that I’m thankful. I am. I’ve seen too much and lived through much stress. However, I’m thankful to have what I have. I have more to share but I won’t continue. Hold your head up high. Work hard and smart. Live your dreams. Pray and meditate. Eat for health and strength. Be kind.



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Are You Woke Yet?

Today is June 5, 2020. The year is not over and we are in the middle of a global pandemic, the death of George Floyd that began a movement of protests around the globe about racial and economic disparity, and the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression and WWII,

By now, some people will never understand what is going on around them. In the South, we say “Bless her heart.” I also have to say “Bless his heart” except for #45. By the way, if I give a person a number, by now, people should know that the writer doesn’t care for that person. It’s the nuances that people don’t understand in every aspect of culture, privilege, race, and writing. It’s the simple to the complex. If people want to understand, they will earn an education on their own which cannot be taught in public schools. To earn an education within itself is of high regard. It is permanent. However, a personal education may become more valuable to the learner than earning a piece of paper.

I’ve read many people who are nice, pleasant, even pastors, who don’t understand the issues that are going on around them. It seems to remain pleasant which is extremely helpful is not enough. If a person is not aware of the public situation around them, I cannot remain in their vicinity. Their ignorant privilege is showing and I have to dismiss myself from their presence. People are trying and I give them credit for trying. However, by now, if a person doesn’t understand the world around them, I disperse. People will educate themselves or a different person will take their hand and lead the way.

My time can be spent on growing economic wealth, studying my craft(s), and working on building a future. Since I don’t know my future due to not having my own family, at least I can build a positive future for myself until another person is interested in buying out my businesses.

I’ve seen a few people tear the world down or build it up. It only take about three people in the world. For instance, I’ve seen a few school board members put a whole district in a county with a one million plus revenue put on probation for academic accreditation. It took a year or two to remove the probation. I’ve also seen that a death, the latest by George Floyd, by a policeman can turn the world upside down. That was two souls plus three cops. I saw #45 and a few politicians allow the USA to dismantle itself globally in front of presidents and royalty without concern. My hope is that I will live to see how everything turns out. We are in an economic and social crisis globally in the USA. At the present, the end has not presented itself.

It takes a few people to turn the world upside down. Stay alert. Remain present. It’s a practice. Education remains fluid and constant. If you don’t understand something, figure it out. Self-educate yourself. People don’t like their time wasted. It’s not the job for others to teach you unless they’re paid. Educate self and if you’re ignorant, maybe keep that to yourself in private. In turn, people are wasting their breath and time due to educating people that don’t want to at least listen and learn. Disperse. There isn’t an excuse anymore not to be aware of social disparity and where you currently fit in the spectrum.

Are you woke yet?


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Ugh!!! Did I lose my blackness as an educator?!?!

Listen, we are in the middle of a pandemic. However, this has nothing to do with the COVID-19.

I’ve been an educator for 25 $%*& years. I’m thankful for that. However, have I lost my blackness? I’m correct in my speech so I go “in” and “out” of the ‘tude in my attitude in reading copy.

I have grown to love my coach. She tells and teaches it what “it” is.

For instance, I turned in a VO audition that needed a spoken poetry feel by an African American so I submitted.

After listening to it, my coach was able to pinpoint (God, what an ear) the little things that make the talent not sound authentic.

She can tell me what is wrong; however, it’s not something that a person should think about when doing copy. Either you sound authentic or you don’t.

I’m learning that maybe I have unlearned my natural blackness in speech to the point that I can’t retrieve it naturally in copy.

BTW, I’m unable to post anything about the ad. However, I just wanted to get on this platform right after my voice-over coaching session to pinpoint my frustration.

I’m glad to know this. Learn from the best. Thank God that I can switch myself to what it’s supposed to be. In other words, I can make adjustments extremely fast now. It takes practice and training. Hmmm. I’m unsure about a lot of things though at this point. I will just have to work on it and see what happens.

I can make the copy sound natural; however, my natural sassy reads are challenging. That bites my ass big time.

Dang, did I lose my blackness as an educator?!?


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Being a female “Person of Color” in America!

Hello world! “Make America Great Again” said no person of color ever in any political election. If you read the writers including Frederick Douglass’ speech, “What to the slave is the 4th of July?” dated July 5, 1852 and Langston Hughes’ poem, “Let America Be America Again” in 1935, a person can assume that people of color have been treated unequal since the 1600s. In fact, we have. That sums up this article quite nicely. However, let’s dig deeper with more adjectives.

Let’s create the additions of being a female and a person of color in America. Digging deeper, let’s write about being a single middle-aged female without children whose a person of color that works as an educator defined in the 21st century online as “teaching is white collar credentials with blue collar pay. ” In fact, I work multiple jobs including education as a single homeowner. Most Americans support their households with multiple income streams besides their main career. There are times that the recent rebuke of #45 against four Democratic women in Congress who are people of color (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Illhan Omar and Ayanna Pressley to “go back” to their home countries if they don’t like it here) aggravate my nerves, then I allow the dissipation of my anger to subside since I’m one of a trillion plus on the planet earth who won’t allow a diminutive child control the emotions of a working adult with bills to pay.

We seem voiceless. It’s a harsh void that I move, work, and sleep as a woman of color. I’m a voice actor, singer, educator, and yet, I feel voiceless. I stay focused on what’s important to me: my family, my health, my work, and my rest. Mind you, a woman of color is mostly a single female of color. She lives alone while educated men of color avoid marrying educated women of color. Again, I’m not angry. Let’s remain happy and faithful to whom people we love. However, it’s the world that I’ve lived in for most of my adult life and deserves its own manuscript. We’ve been “angry” for centuries as my ancestor’s babies were ripped from their arms or wombs. At least, I believe that it’s asking too much of people of color to join in the cacophony of angry voices in a nation against a balding orange elder in a temporary executive office called the presidency. We’ve been using our voice and manuscripts for centuries. Wow, people actually heard us despite the numerous killing of people of color and teenagers by law enforcement? It took about four to five centuries for people to agree with people of color as a collective group in discussing racism and sexism with the #metoo movement in communities across the nation.

The change in my lifetime seems remote that racism, sexism, the ‘isms’ in America will formally diminish to equality. Surprised as people of color were when President Obama (eliminated his 44 number by name) was elected, I’m equally shocked upon reflection that number 45 shook President Obama’s hand once he was elected. Maybe #45 is not a racist. He’s colorblind except for the color green. Yet, the only thought worth remembering for me remains how people (not color) has removed their tinted glasses and see crystal clear the administration as a group. As a matter of fact, my protection would be to hide my voice so not to become a target of abuse, that’s what most Republicans have done except the following: Rep. Will Hurd (TX-23), Rep. Susan Brooks (IN-05), Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-01), and Rep. Fred Upton (MI-06) who rebuked #45 against his statement.

We are living among familiar territory with strange twists in outcome. Hopefully, I will live to see the conclusion of these realities or “isms, ” write about them and share my talent about them without consequences. Prayers appreciated.

Kim Geter

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Abortion Bill in GA

The abortion bill approved by Governor Kemp has the entertainment industry in Georgia at odds. I’m pro life. However, I support women’s choice so I support pro choice. However I did not march on Saturday, May 26, 2019 in downtown Atlanta for the anti-abortion bill. First, I had to work since I had to get a serving job to support myself due to many issues. I’m studying with Nancy Wolfson in voice-over who is a very expensive commercial coach in LA and the extra income supports payment for my coaching fees and my teaching job was extremely busy with performances which left me little time to market in voice-over this year.

However, it’s upsetting to see my fellow actor friends treated as nomads (part of the job?) to go where the jobs are even though they may have established roots in GA. I didn’t vote for Gov. Kemp or 45 (whose name I refuse to print). A part of me thinks that if married Caucasian women voted their conscience instead of voting along with their husband’s Republican ticket, people wouldn’t have to swallow the mess that we face now. However, I could be wrong. Maybe many women voted their conscience not just along with their spouses, just probably not enough.

However, a part of me thinks that companies who cater to children’s television shows would stay in the Southern states in support of children and families since that is their core base. Their decision to leave Georgia production for other areas may backfire on them even though another argument could be that they support women’s issues primarily as family issues since women determine the spending habits for their family in the home. It’s complicated.

Also, I would think that it would be bad business to establish studios in GA and leave due to the abortion bill since it’s expensive to build and establish a presence at any location. However, I was reminded that production companies may have more flexibility.

As an arts educator, I’m at a cross roads on the issue. We’ll see and time will tell what happens concerning the fallout of the abortion bill in GA.

Thanks for reading my take on this. Performers in Georgia will see and watch the outcome unfold here. Many thanks to the actors, legislation and our SAG-AFTRA in GA representatives in supporting tax incentives to bring jobs to Georgia.

Note: Since this post, Geter Voice Over Services, LLC has donated to the ACLU in support of keeping jobs in the state of Georgia. Time will tell how everything works out. We’ll see.


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