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Drama + Music = Dissonance

Was praying to have a good day at work today. I was really excited about a parent who is an instrumentalist for the symphony and her child that I am teaching, until during class in one of my exercises, I discovered that she’s a musician..fantastic!

Until, after classes, she’s discussing with me what she likes and doesn’t like after each class…downer.

I’ve had teachers in my music and drama classes before. However, I’ll have to roll with the punches on this one. The parent is a difficult student. She’s trying to figure out everything that I’m doing and why. I would like for her to be on time for classes for one thing. Oops. I’m supposed to be positive. Okay. I’m thankful to have a lot of my dad’s patience (for children at least). Since turning 40, I can tell it’s waning a bit.

I was really excited to talk with her about Orff-Schulwerk technique … crickets…. and music friendly stuff that could be useful since she was interested in doing puppet plays for her neighborhood. Had a great conversation about the ASO Symphony Street performances that my students attended. Wrote a grant for 220 tickets so that first grade could hear the Symphony. However, it’s not working out. Don’t see a future lunch date after this session.

I’ll have to explain my reasons after class for the techniques that I use. Oops!!! Yippee!!!! I’ll have the DeKalb Honor Chorus Festival (which I love) next Saturday, so I won’t see her. Her daughter is cute though, extremely shy which shows in her body physically until she relaxes with the group.

So, the question of the day is this (by my professional musician parent).

How can a parent teach a child how to share? It’s a great question. I redirected her to other parents, since I’m not a parent myself. They would be more helpful to her, I think. I’ll do some research on it as well.

Anyone have any ideas? I was hoping to have some great conversations with this parent. Unfortunately, I’m stuck with her critiques, like the class should be just action and less talking. True, however, a child needs to comprehend my exercises with some questions so that I know the child comprehends the exercises. Her daughter is extremely shy too so the child needs to talk more within the group. It’s stuff like that…. Anyone have social skill ideas that I can use? Or that she can use? I need to survive so that I can teach a future class.


Note: Maybe she’s just being observant and helpful. Artistic people MUST have a thick skin. That’s a mandatory job description.


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Companies (in my opinion) that Rock!

Companies (in my opinion) that Rock!

Yes, these are plugs of companies and individuals that I have enjoyed working with and/or meeting. I’m plugging away!

Have to say that I really, really, really, REALLY like They did an outstanding job on my logo and 125×125 pixel ad. They are also building my website. I usually like to try different companies for different things; however, I had to change two web designers, so I went back to logoworks to work on the website as well.

I’m super excited by the whole process. What I like about working with a company that specializes in small businesses is that they have a time line when projects are completed. Revisions are included (depending on the package purchased). After a set number of revisions, there is a fee per hour. I did as much research as possible so that I didn’t go over my number of revisions allocated.

Check them out! Highly recommend this company for any project.

Caution: Packages are not cheap. Catch a sale! Got the website purchased during a sale promo which helped tremendously. However, they save folks headaches when something is not done nor finished at the requested time. I like working with a company concerning these type of projects. Be blessed!

Another company that rocks is! As a VO artist, I wanted to make sure that my voice message was high quality, since that’s what I do. I was able to uploaded my message and it went into my business phone number. I can also read my messages as text online. It also allows me to send different voice messages to different contacts or groups for business, family, friends, co-workers, etc. Another rocking company that I support (thanks David).


BTW, check out website. Met David Lawrence XVII in LA while on a reconnaissance mission during the summer of 2010. Full of information and great ideas. Also, Bonnie Gillespie’s group, Hollywood Happy Hour, has a fabulous group of working actors that share ideas. Go to yahoo groups for HHH. Also, if you have lots of time (I mean a week or two), read Stephon Fuller’s blog that he’s been writing for about 15 years called, My Long Ass Bio at Take care!


Note: Kate Middleton and Prince William is getting married tomorrow. Yes, I’m watching it at 4 a.m. Saw Lady Diana‘s wedding when I was age 11 years old as well. If you read this post, let me know what you thought about “the dress!” Also, please add which companies that you like. Above is the  Logo and below is the 125 X 125 Pixel Ad.



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Hello People of the World!

Hello People of the World,

Thanks for viewing my first blog post EVER! I have some goals in mind for blogging so that hopefully, people will know what to expect.

My Goals

1. Positive/Constructive Posts

2. Performance and Arts Education topics will include voice-over acting, choral/vocal music from primary, secondary, and college choirs, classical, jazz, and pop vocalists, and film and theatre posts. Arts Education topics (music and acting) will cover a lot of my posts with references to dance and the fine arts (Laban movement, Art Galleries) etc.

3. The posts will be informal; however, educational with my own discoveries along the way. Hope to make folks laugh with me and share some dramatic moments too. My life leans toward the dramatic…

4. Other topics will include the praise band that I currently sing with, the Fresh Start Band, Mozart (my cat), recipes/exercise, and travel topics.

5. There will be some religious statements due to my beliefs, family and private life. However, I want to keep those issues as private as possible. It’ll obviously slip; however, my goals are not to disclose my family to the world, but myself. I want to respect their privacy. Privacy for my students will also be respected (hope that I’ll still have plenty to write about…). If I’m not able to mention propitiatory information, I’ll state that. Companies prefer that their advertising promotions are kept confidential until they are ready to air. Also, I won’t criticize my employers, including agents. I won’t bite the hand the feeds me. Although, I may have to bite into wood if it gets that serious. I’ll pray definitely and call a psychologist when necessary. 🙂 If I forget, I’ll refer back to this post and try to remember my positive rant about goals, etc.

My request? Keep comments, criticisms, and critiques clean. You never know…

Locally in the metro Atlanta, I’m a member/work with the Atlanta 365 film community, WIFTA (Women In Film & TV Atlanta), MENC (Music Educators National Conference), local Orff-Schulwerk Atlanta chapter, Kodaly Atlanta chapter, Voiceover Universe, pay to play sites, and have VO talent agents in Milwaukee and Atlanta. I currently teach music in the public school system & drama in metro Atlanta, and perform primarily as a VO artist, singer, and do some on-camera acting work. Writing projects include educational scripts and songs. BTW, GVOS stands for Geter Voice Over Services.

Still with me? Let’s jump in this new world with my lawyer’s phone number at speed dial…



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