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More Bookings on Pay to Play Sites

I REALLY like this site. I booked a job from this website, even though the client didn’t post the job on the site. The client called me up on a Friday evening. We had a business meeting through Skype. I was able to secure the job and it’s recurring as well. He needed a local voice talent that would be in business for a long time for upcoming projects! God is good!!!

That makes two projects that I’ve secured via “pay to play” websites. It’s good to be on these websites. You just never know where your next gig will come from.

Very happy at this point. Talk to me when the project is due. A motto that I’ve learned a “long time ago” when I was a temp before I started working as an educator. “If they’re (client) not happy, you’re not happy.”

A banker from Wachovia (bought out by Wells Fargo) said that to me when I was working temp and doing auditions then. It stuck. Happy clients (VOs, students, parents, administrators, music/acting patrons) are the bottom line that feeds you.

I’m glad to eat and pay the bills through this work.


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I’ve had lots of drama this week. Personal drama. Things are positive and I’m thankful. I had to check my anger concerning my website (it’s over budget); work with my student who’s determined NOT to sing with another student for our fifth grade celebration; and family drama with my sibling and my parents over Mother’s Day weekend.

I’ll leave out details (the juiciest parts); however, everything has a due date (except family) and I’ll be able to relax and rest a bit. Sincerely thankful for everything. Got some more drama that I see over the horizon so I pray God will get me safely through it.

Anyone thankful while surfing through your own drama?


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Voice Session

Had a great “meet and greet” session with Craig Meyer. He has his own business called “Almost John.” To view his website, go to Also, view the link if interested in booking,  “Almost John.” It is below:

I was glad to finally meet him. Had to cancel the first meeting due to the windstorm pulled the electrical cords down in my subdivision during spring break.

Felt that I came to the studio with some negativity. Was late for the meeting (didn’t follow directions exactly), pronounced a name incorrectly that was a good friend of his, and I didn’t want to sing for him at first. It felt like an audition and I didn’t want to disappoint.  I sound like a “true diva.” Diva truly is not a nice word actually. I had a huge jug of water that I would sip on (sling actually) when my throat was dry. Probably looked like a drunk. He may not want me back in his studio…

However, I left his studio with some positivity, a goal, and sang for him (glad I did and I sang fantastically). He gave me some things to ponder and I’ll chew them in my mind until I come up with answers that need answering.

I sound so vague. The truth is, I don’t want to mention the details of our discussion, but I will mention this:

1. We all make choices in life and that affects our destiny when reaching a goal.

2. Goals change. That’s life. Find a new goal.

3. What is your personal mission.

He is SUCH a POSITIVE person! I left feeling better about my choices and goals. With these to ponder and review for each of us, I will say that I made choices that were right for me. Each performer’s path is different. We land differently in life. Circumstances will happen but attitude (sound cliché) determines the rest of it.

One thing that I would like to mention is this: People work so hard in life (it’s better to work smart actually), and life can be draining and destructive when joy is taken from you. Protect your spirit. God has helped me choose this one fact. I can’t explain it, since subconsciously, I was saving myself from misery many a time.

Performers create something “out of nothing” into a thing of beauty.  We are special people. We are blessed and bless others. If the world says otherwise, protect your spirit. Relocate and socialize with positive people.


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Review the link below and let me know what you think. These ideas are very important, and I have to agree with them. I’ve recently switched positions as a music educator and will continue as one until I decide to work freelance fulltime. Happiness should be first priority (in my opinion). Copy the links below if unable to click on the link, directly to the site.

How Do You Stay Motivated Artists? Whatever field that you are in, it’s tough to stay motivated. Below is an article about that same topic. It’s geared towards voice artists but the article speaks to me about the fundamentals of being an entrepreneur.

Be blessed!


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Booked on Pay to Play Sites

Update from last night:

Note: I booked a job (yeah!) and sent the invoice. Now, I just finished an audition via Creative Studios of Atlanta. Rest. Then, finish my agent’s VO with Aria Talent this evening. It’s 8:47 p.m. and I need a break! I like busy but not crazy. Going to rest. Bye!


I always answer the personal invitations. Actually, I prefer that since more than likely, I’ll have a chance to book the job. The personal requests, plus agent auditions, are enough to keep me busy for now.

If anyone has a personal request for a voice over, send me an email at Website is or


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May 1, 2011

President Obama found Osama Bin Laden and the Navy Seals executed him in Pakistan. Ten years ago, I remember that I was teaching elementary music, what I had on, what I said to the counselor at the time, “Doe’s this mean we’re going to war?” Those babies in the 5th and 6th grade are now fighting in Afghanistan.

That summer, I had never traveled so much in my entire life. Mom and I flew on American Airlines to California to see my uncle who was living there at the time, then I Immediately landed at the airport and got on another plane to fly to New York City to visit NYU and their Educational Theatre Program. Michael Gross from the show, Family Ties, showed me how to get off the metro on W.4th Street. He was SO nice. He looked very sloppy, a little dirty. I think that he didn’t want anyone to notice him. No one did or no one cared. We talked for a bit and he discovered that I didn’t know where NYU was. He got me off W.4th street at Washington Square Park. Made my appointment on time to see Professor Lowell Swortzell (who’s deceased now).

Flew to Europe during those 4 years in school and NYC every year until I graduated. I vacationed in New York until 2006. Traveled to LA for a month in 2010 but I’m staying put for a while. It’s more dangerous, it’s more expensive, and the world is a different place. You wouldn’t recognize pre 9/11 and post 9/11 anymore in America.


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MS Chorus

I’m teaching Middle School Chorus in the Fall 2011-12! Glad to see this happen. Got the job on May 2, 2011. I taught elementary music for 16 years, so I’m glad to make a change. I got a little teary-eyed today in the classroom, but quickly got over it! 🙂 My goal is to continue teaching for as long as I can until it’s time to do voice-overs fulltime. I also work in drama education on the weekends and during the summer.

However, things are changing. I can tell that my energy level is not where it was, so I need to calm myself down and SLOW down. I wanted to do so many things in life, that it can now be overwhelming. I’m enjoying every moment of it. However, “Life is what happens, while you’re making other plans.” (John Lennon)

I really don’t want to make anymore of “my plans.”  God is much better at this than I am.


Note: I booked a job (yeah!) via a pay to play site and sent the invoice. Now, I just finished an audition via Creative Studios of Atlanta. Rest. Then, finish my agent’s VO with Aria Talent this evening. It’s 8:47 p.m. and I need a break! I like busy but not crazy. Going to rest. Bye!

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VO Promos on Candy Randy Radio

Check out my new promos for Love me some Barry White on this station! Check it out!


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Art from Oklahoma

Elizabeth Tilghman, a friend and artist from our hometown, Lawton, Oklahoma specializes in photography. Go to her website to get a glimpse of the beautiful work that she is doing: showcasing the beauty of Oklahoma and nature.


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Can’t Give Up Now

This song is stuck in my head. I have two song selections for the fifth grade promotional ceremony: “Can’t Give Up Now” by Mary Mary with the class singing the chorus and a duet with a student and her teacher.  Also, the choral piece, “We Are the Young” by Mary Donnelly, arranged by George Strid.

They’re both great pieces and completely different, which is good. But the gospel song is on my mind. Can’t stop singing it in my head. Speaks to me and a lot of the kids, especially during these tough times with testing, and other things…It makes me cry and there were more than a few tears when the students heard the piece…boys (one of the toughest in my classes) and girls alike.

Can’t Give Up Now


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