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Amazing + Hardest Day

It’s been an amazing day. It’s also been one of the hardest days ever too and it just finished.

I just finished talking with a parent. Talking to parents about their concerns with their children is one of the HARDEST things to do as a teacher. The parent is much happier, and I’m happy. It’s really all about customer service. Isn’t that what we all want? Hopefully, the parents will be much happier tomorrow.

My happy moment: Meeting Pearl Cleage one on one today. I’ve met so many cool playwrights at the Alliance Theatre: Suzi Lori-Parks, Pearl Cleage, Valdetta Anderson et. al. Just talking about anything…


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Website Headaches

Folks…I have had my share of website headaches. After talking with my project manager, God Bless Her, I’ve decided to post a message on my FB page and ask folks to perform a test on the Contact page themselves.

Apparently, I’m not able to send content on my contact page. However, everyone else can. Strange but true. It may be my computer. Everyone else can send a form except me.

I have a decent headache and I’m sure that I gave my web developer and project manager a headache as well by this time. However, I’m leaving it up to the public to do a test for me.

If you’ve had “website headaches” send me an email. BTW, check out my website at, fill out a form on the Contact page with your full name and write TEST in the rest of the cells. Type the CAPTCHA code and send to me.

I will enjoy the rest of my summer now!


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GVOS Website

Yes, I cried, when the website went “live.” I was talking to a sweetheart, nameless for now, and I had a moment. Had to hang up. Praising God now. This was a long journey to this point, so I posted the news and talked to my mom. That’s what girls do – that’s what I do anyway.

I’m just going to chill out tonight and take this in for a while. Logoworks did a FANTASTIC job! I had lost my patience and had to chill out a few times, but it’s the website that I wanted and they were the ones that could produce it.

<shaking my head>

So, now I need to produce to pay for it. Anybody need a voiceover? lol




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Summertime Books

So, the summer is here and I’m working which is great. Me, however, I would like to take the whole summer off so that I can pretend that I’m wealthy and don’t have to work. Of course, I’ll work: when I want to. This is of course, in my dreams so that’s where this dream should remain.

Are there any great books out there for summer reading that I could get at the library? Post me. I have plenty to read: I need to prepare for the Fall Semester and reread some of my small business books. Also, review some podcasts, all which are work related.

So, is there some good trash that I could read for the summer? Good literature, just good fiction as well. Post me. Okay, I’m off to look at the View. I was trash talking during the Tony’s and I want to know why Whoopi wore that velvet curtain garb last night. Love me some Whoopi Goldberg, but she knows better. Bye!


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Northside HS aka North Atlanta HS and Lawton HS Alumni

Love my folks, but I’ve said a few times to them. How did you have the nerve to move from our hometown before my senior year in high school? Of course, it’s all about him: my dad. He said that he wasn’t staying in Oklahoma after retiring from the military. He, however, never considers my reply which is, “What about myself?” He’s a bold man. Come to find out, it was the best thing that happened to me. I went to the coolest high school in Atlanta, GA at the time. I auditioned for Billy Densmore (deceased), due to Judge Clarence Cooper who my dad went to college with at Clark Atlanta University, met and auditioned for Mr. Densmore during the summer before the students traveled to perform in Europe, and the rest (people say) is history.

We’ve had some cool artists to graduate from the school, several that I’m forgetting: Jasmine Guy (actress), RuPaul aka André Charles (drag queen/musician/actor), David Cross (actor), Bobby Valentino (R&B singer), James Dickey (author of Deliverance), etc.

Happy for my alumni folks in performance who are doing well since we graduated the same year: Travis Payne (choreographer), Erika Jayne (electronica singer), Elaine Hendrix (actress)

A shout out to my peeps at LHS (Lawton HS) that I grew up with as well in sports who graduated the same year in Oklahoma: Will Shields (Retired NFL Kansas City Chiefs), and James Trapp (Retired NFL Baltimore Ravens). A listing of some of their websites are below, enjoy!


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GVOS Website

Revision II was sent today! This has been very intensive, exhausting, expensive, and exhilarating. My hope and prayer is that this company will really move forward and I can showcase some outstanding work through GVOS! I’m very happy that I started the business. Glad that I have courage to do start a creative outlet and the mindset to pull it off!

It’s extremely exhausting. The learning curve in business was very steep. Had moments in business that I wasn’t sure about and relied on my lawyer, God, courage, skill sets, love from family, and close friends to share my experiences and concerns.

Everyone should be in business for themselves though. It’s the BEST thing to have in this crazy economy. I’m not fretting about myself as much as I used to as an educator and performer. However, its expensive and I’ve had to really adjust myself financially since I’m on my own as a business owner.

Glad that I’m here for this experience! I NEVER thought that I would be in this position, EVER! It’s a blessing!


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MIA for a few days, maybe more than a few days. It’s been very hectic. Students at the Alliance Theatre go up and do a show tomorrow and Friday. The co-teacher and I had to work with the students for two weeks this summer and it’s been great, until today a student threw up and ALL the kids started complaining, saying they couldn’t remember their lines, freaking out, etc.

It was the, “Worst day that I’ve ever had,” she said. So, I had to gear myself up with some prayer from my Facebook friends, and prepare for whatever day that I was up against.

Went fine. Praise God.

You just never know how things are going to go. I’m looking forward to a great show with these students! Rock it babies!!!


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