14 Jul

I started to “tear up” when I sifted through the elementary music packet from J W Pepper. Wiped my tears. Praying, preparing, and looking forward to my new tenure in MS Chorus that I have excellent choral experiences on a daily basis with my students in rehearsal and in performances. Also, I’m praying that my VO and Drama work goes extremely well, as I perform part-time in these fields.

I’ve chosen to work full-time as a music/choral educator while continuing my work in voice-overs and educational theatre. I HAVE to sing. There is nothing that can change that. VOs are also my performance outlet, praise God, dramatically and musically. However, I HAVE to continue in music. That was my first artistic experience. I have more exploration to do here and I’ve barely scratched the surface. This is the main issue why I haven’t quit and moved to LA. Although, moving to NYC doesn’t seem to be a problem. 🙂 I don’t know where to continue my musical sensibilities in LA. I’ve asked around while staying in LA for a month in June 2010. Also, I get a retirement pension. It’s musically satisfying to just sing, in the band (praise band) or the chorus with your peers. Connecting to the text brings that dramatic aspect out of me in all areas (musical text, monologue, or VOs). I still have growth in all of these areas though. I have 3-4 lifetime skills that I’m working on simultaneously. It’s hard to let any of them go.

The VOICE is so wonderful, I’ve barely explored EVERYTHING that it can do. I’m just starting to EXPLORE my capabilities. I just want my vocal folds to stay healthy and strong as well. It’s priority over everything. I’ve decided on a few things to help me this year. I’m also going for quality over quantity in my work. In January, I’ll check this post and see how I’ve accomplished this. I’m thinking about my “Core Values” as an artist/educator. I wish that I started this in my 20s, not now. I wouldn’t have made some mistakes, but then I probably wouldn’t be doing VOs. My path has led me here to this point.

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Posted by on July 14, 2011 in Singing/Music


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