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Debt Freedom & Broke, the play

Right now, I’m taking a class in becoming debt free. I’m actually enjoying it, although, I find it mind-boggling. There are a lot of things that we can do or work on that I’ve not considered. The program uses Dave Ramsey as a textbook, using Christian principles and scripture.

There are things that I can do now: let go of cable or get basic cable since I work so much, I don’t have time for TV anyway. Sell some furnishings. Get basic services for phone use, etc.

My mind has accepted this new reality. I don’t need a lot of stuff. lol. I grew up in the 80s. That decade was my teen years. Also, Starbucks has GOT to go! Brewing at home is better. A five dollar daily coffee fix is high-class robbery.

Is anyone permanently working on getting out of debt? Send me your comments.

BTW, the play, BROKE by Janece Shaffer, is an awesome play about the economy. It’s a new play at the Alliance Theatre from September 23 – October 23, 2011. Kudos to the actors: Tess Malis Kincaid, James M. Leaming, Elisabeth Omilami (owner of the non-profit, Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless), and Galen Crawley for a job well done. Every person should see this play. Everyone. I mean it. Go see it or read the play.


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Starting Over

Yes. I’ve started over at 40.

That was an interesting sentence above. Don’t you think? It’s been a little crazy, unsentimental, scathing, and just plain rude at times. What do I mean? It’s a shock at times to start over.

But I did. Had to.

Once I knew that I couldn’t stay at my former job any longer, it was time to go. Quick. I had made up my mind from my experiences (positive and negative) previously that it was time. Was I ready? I had planned a year before but got serious 6 months before in December 2010.

I loved teaching my former students. They were never a problem. Loved them like my own kids. But I wasn’t happy with my earlier location any longer. Things had changed. My bosses, faculty, and students were happy with my work, but I wasn’t happy there in recent years: testing and negative changes took its toll. Without giving away everything but getting a grasp of the true concept to leap into something new: I couldn’t stay in my situation any longer. If I was miserable, it was time to take a leap.

This step for many people is a tough decision to make. Can you afford the leap or can you not afford it in this bad economy? Can a person start a business that is very unstable, especially in entertainment/VOs? Can a person accept change when you feel like you’ve settled?

The leap (I thought) was small but was huge. Being in one place for 16 years, when my previous bosses were happy with my work then leaping into something new was a drastic change. It didn’t matter that I was in the same field but teaching older kids in music. I’m enjoying the ride thus far. My hope is that my students and peers will enjoy their choral singing very much as well. I’ve begun my new journey.

Not only did I switch jobs, I started a VO business.

Smart move? Time will tell. I immensely enjoy what I do. I want my clients to remain happy with my product and will triple check to make sure that the result is what they want with excellent customer service.

I quickly formed the business but am taking my time with clients. It’s building slowly. VOs are not for the faint of heart. If the client isn’t happy, you’re not happy.

My job working with students in acting also changed. I moved to another level there as well. My boss is pleased with my work and it’s truly a blessing. My students are enjoying their scripts, like their parts, saying their lines and the performances have been positive thus far.

It’s a blessing when people are truly happy with your work. Period.

My hope (and prayer) for my triple leap is that my bosses and students (remaining and new) will truly enjoy my work and its results. That my students will enjoy the music, the drama, and that my clients will enjoy their VO products. Also, that I will enjoy my continued work in these fields as well. This statement is probably true: If mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.

Am I happy? You bet. I’m blessed and happy. Positive change is good. It’s been a tremendous challenge but I’m thankful and blessed. It’s truly a blessing to “start over.”



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