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President Barack Obama Singing Al Green

Listen, Pres. Barack Obama can sing to me ANYTIME! I wanted to post this on my blog before I couldn’t find it anymore. This was about six days ago. He did pretty good! Copy and paste the link if needed.


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A New Beginning…2012

So, I’m posting a blog when I should be preparing myself to go back to work in arts education. Recommendations are coming in for acting work and I’m starting new marking strategies as well in VOs. My chorus, music, & drama students have shown improvement in classes & performed well in performances. I’m proud of them. Things are moving along. I didn’t make any new year’s resolutions or anything. Things tend to move where they should go. I pray a lot though. I’m looking to cut back on expenses, pay my debts in full, and work on my house, exercise, and get more sleep. I’m interested in a more sane lifestyle than the crazy lifestyle of traveling, new start-ups, job-hunting, and increased debt that I’ve acquired in my past. This new year in 2012 is about finding a balance that I can maintain and a more calmer lifestyle than my past (with God’s help). I have no idea if this is a workable plan.

Do I want a place in LA while keeping a GA residence? Yes. This may not happen for another 10-15 years. However, I would like to continue my work in these artistic areas and keep a home base in GA. My professional goals have crested to its present state to the point of satisfaction as long as I can sustain my workload. So, my personal life needs a lot of work. We will see. This alone will be a ton of work. I want to take my time, although with each passing birthday, it seems that I’ve already run out. Eh…

I’m not in ANY rush.


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