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There has been PLENTY of debate about the SAG-AFTRA merger that will happen towards the end of March 2012. I spoke with my agent at the Umberger Agency about it and the AFTRA office in Atlanta, GA. I will make an appointment by phone or person to get some questions answered about the merger and how it affects talent in a Right to Work state.

More than likely, it will be harder to get into the union. However, in GA, there aren’t a lot of union projects so work does dry up in a RTW state.

Choosing which way to go is difficult. My agent so far isn’t a union franchised agency so if I become union, I will have to find another agent who is franchised. The Umberger Agency has sent an application to become a union franchised agency. That being said, the terminology for a union franchised agency may or may not be the correct term. There has been a lot of changes regarding union status of agencies and the union itself is changing drastically. Below is the website detailing information about it all. I’ll post if I change anything regarding my union status. In the meantime, I have revised my Terms of Service and will use it as a non-union talent thus far. It can be found on my website under payments.

The upside to all of this? I booked a TV VO commercial. The downsize of all of this? I was paid a non-union fee. So being in the union would benefit me greatly with residuals but may result in fewer opportunities for future work. We’ll see. Yeah for the booking though!



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