02 Aug

There are a lot of people who’ve covered this topic in the past. For my recording studio, this has been my task for the summer of 2012: Improving the acoustics in my studio without spending a ton of money for improvements.

There are hundreds YouTube videos on the internet that a person can peruse. They were helpful in understanding overall basic education on acoustic set-ups. Every room is different, so the acoustic treatment will be different. Go to the website:

The most helpful for me was to have George Whittam (co-host with Dan Lenard) listen to my audio for free via East West Audio Body Shop. EWABS is a Ustream video series about acoustics with guests every Sunday night on the show. Show begins 9 p.m. EST and 6 p.m. PST.  He’ll listen to the audio and give you a complete acoustic evaluation of the studio. Go to the website: If you can give a donation to EWABS, they would appreciate it. Let them know that you are a member. The Ustream show is at the website: Dan Lenard has been helpful as well. In the past, I’ve posted VO auditions and he has directed me on cost-effective materials to get the studio where it should be. However, George has the technical acoustic “ears” and they don’t lie. He will send a complete evaluation from what was heard in the studio. Go to his website for a complete biography:

Edge Studio gives good feedback as well. Go to the website: They will listen to your studio and auditions for a $27 checkup.

If you are on a Pay to Play (P2P) site, they will also give you feedback as well. They have proven helpful with feedback if a consistent problem with your audio gives you concern based on client feedback.

Also, the local audio shop can be useful as well. However, careful consideration is a must if they won’t listen to your audio. They may not have skills to listen for your audio and determine your specific problems but try to sell you kits to fix a problem that they haven’t even taken the time to hear.

Again, every room is different, so the acoustic treatment will be different.

I’ll post when the acoustic treatment has been completed. This has taken some time since I’m depending on professional ears to give me feedback concerning my acoustics.

If you have the money, hire a person to come to your home for improvements, or order the StudioBricks sound proof room that doesn’t use any nails to assemble. Go to the website: It’s the best thing that I have ever seen and you can take it anywhere from home to apartment depending on the measurements of the room itself. Definitely worth the money for one with a ventilator.

Well, acoustic treatment is one area, but building a home recording studio is another. Sound editing your spots is still another issue. Take one issue at a time. This business is not for wimps.

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