A Bad Day vs. A Good Day

18 Aug

Today was a good day!

I’m working with 4 drama students for their performance next week! They are doing extremely well and I’m glad to work with them. The scenes are coming together nicely. They are a mixture of poems and a published scene from a play. This makes my Saturday!

Friday was a different day, a tough day for me. My chorus class has a mixture of students who joined and didn’t join chorus. I have my thoughts on this. However, I believe that they are truthful on this subject.

I’ll mix my lessons for chorus and general music within one class so that everyone can participate. Also, my chorus students who joined from last year will have practices in the mornings on scheduled days for small ensemble work.

Building a choral culture in a school that didn’t have chorus for 7 years was disturbing, stressful, but hopeful. I’m glad to teach chorus to my students and want success for the program, my students, and myself (last). My students come first, so I want them to enjoy the chorus and general music programs.

A bad day and a good day. I learn from both. Experience has certainly helped me in choosing materials and my approaches. That’s a blessing that I can build on.


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Posted by on August 18, 2012 in Arts Education


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