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Vote SMART! NO to State-Controlled Schools!

Vote SMART! NO to State-Controlled Schools!


I’m not a political person. I’m in the arts, which can be political. However, since I became a Georgia Association of Educators (GAE) associate representative for my school, called formally an AR, I’ve discovered a few things that I consider important.

No and Yes: No, I’m not talking about the presidential election, which is VERY important. Yes, I am talking about a bill in Georgia previously called HB 1162 and HB 797. I voted on a bill this summer, thinking that it was fine. It was about charter schools. Yes, of course, I will vote for charter schools. It’s a “no-brainer!” It stated below:

“Shall the Constitution of Georgia be amended to allow state or local approval of public charter schools upon the request of local communities?”

I thought about it long and hard since I didn’t know anything about it until I was voting this summer (July 2012) in the booth.

Huh? Yes, I can go along with that, so I voted “yes!”

Now, I’m sitting with the DCSS Superintendent, selected Board Members, representatives for the DeKalb County Council of PTAs, DeKalb Chamber of Commerce, an attorney, a principal, including a representative for PAGE and other county staff, along with myself as a GAE representative deciding what is the best action to take against this bill. I was hand-picked (or fate) got me to this table.

Why did I vote for this bill? I didn’t understand what the bill meant. Most people don’t. Here are a few issues that I learned that people should consider before going to the polls:

1. State Power Grab: Gives the state more power over local schools/children’s education.

2. Your Tax Dollars: Allows the state to siphon money from Georgia’s traditional public schools.

3. Control or No Control: Removes control from local school boards and local voters and gives it to state bureaucrats.

4. State Bureaucrats Choose, You Lose: The results…budget cuts to public schools, larger classes, shortened school years, teacher furlough days, and layoffs.

5. Voting “NO” is NOT Against Charter Schools: We already have several charter schools in Georgia already with an application process already intact.

Need more information? Go to

Think of it this way: It’s also about taxation without representation; having a dual school system; and the redirection of a failed voucher system.

Get educated. Read, read, read and analyze what you’re voting in the booth. Vote NO to State-Controlled Schools!

Vote SMART on November 6, 2012 for our future president and about state and local amendments.


Note: Vote SMART! NO to State-Controlled Schools! Committee (a coalition of groups and individuals supporting our local public schools) accepts contributions below:

Vote SMART! Committee

c/o David O. Crews, Treasurer

P.O. Box 766

Lawrenceville, GA 30046-0766


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