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Intimate Relationships

Hey there,

One thing that I never share is about my personal life. I will take a moment to describe it here….


That’s about it.

One thing that I will share though. I’ve had some great relationships. Technically if anyone wants to know: I’m not a homosexual or bisexual (probably would have had more fun). I’m a gal who’s had some great sex (thank God) and lived to tell about it with good health.

My goal is to have integrity in my relationships. There is a faith base to it that I pursue in my intimate life. I can’t live without it. Race doesn’t matter to me or my immediate family.

One thing that I will share as a performer. It’s tough. No doubt about it. Any woman whose a performer lives a tough life whether single or married. It’s not an easy road. Men have it rough but women have it rougher (no pun intended). It’s a very rough terrain road with skills that only God can give you to survive it. I love the performer’s life but it can be a lonely one. It’s enjoyable, delectable, spontaneous, and even righteous; it’s everything that a settled life isn’t for a married spouse with a family unless there is a financial means to obtain that.

I’m not a lonely woman but I’ve had loveless relationships. The only true long-lasting relationship I’ve ever had was with my parents and friends. They keep me grounded. My love relationships have all ended at one time or another mostly amicably which is a good thing. I respect most of my exes. Yes, they are on Facebook. They are politicians, parents, artists, and friends. They are great men. I’m glad of what we had together.

Yet, I live an artist life. It’s a rough road and to share it with someone would have to involve a trust and faith-based man who only he knows has what it takes to support an artist’s life. For me, it’s a loveless life until I find love or it finds me.

Let’s at least toast to the ones that loved us or we loved them. I toast my exes and the life that I have today. God take care of us everyone! (yeah..that was a version of the Christmas Carol line).


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Welcome September…

Well, I missed a blog in August 2013. That’s funny since a lot happened; I just didn’t have a minute to write it!

August was unusual in that I had to upgrade skills. It’s always good to upgrade skills. However, I had to upgrade them in Pro Tools for voiceover, so that I could record in audiobooks.

It was daunting since I had to watch eight hours of video, prepare to teach chorus / general music, and teach at the Alliance Theatre my weekend classes. It was a lot of work and I’m realizing that focus is a good thing. lol

It’s a blessing. I watched and re-watched some videos, got what I needed, and I’m recording again. It’s been tough. I’ve had some long days, so I’m writing on September 1, 2013.

Welcome September…glad to see you back!

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