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The Tripod: music, movies, and media

One day, I will know why I was in three full-time concentrated areas: music, drama, and voice-over. Right now, I’m unable to say except that I’m trying to earn a living and I enjoy all three. I wish that I could pick just one genre and live with that. Unfortunately, I’m unable to.

I thought that I would go into opera; however, Miss Kopleff took care of that and promptly steered me into music education. The performer inside of me found drama and I’ve been bi-confused ever since. Then tri-confused with voice-over which got me into the SAG-AFTRA union. I still work in all three areas and get highly pissed when I get first refusal and not book the job. It’s the competitiveness inside me that holds me responsible for this trait.

My life has a triangular force to it; in that I’m always working on a project. I never rest until the project has been completed and want it perfected to the best of my abilities every time. That means that I have to get enough rest and rely on my social skills daily when meeting new people.

No, I’m not famous just a working talent (artist lol dare say it) that meets deadlines, enjoys the creative spirit of what I do in music, drama, and VO and tries to have fun within all of it. I can’t repeat this though. This business can be Too hard, Too long, Too expensive, and Too self-involved with three simultaneous careers. Honestly, it can become Too much.

Please, pray before asking about what you want in your life. If you get it, you may regret it or love it. Just pray before doing anything. That way, you can please that special person in your life instead of a gazillion people all the time for a dollar.

Thank you God for my livelihood, work ethic and enjoyment in my work. I really love it! Some days more than others but I really enjoy what I do. Help me Lord to ask permission before asking for what I want though. If it doesn’t work out anymore, I can peacefully drop out knowing that my work was good but it was time to give it a rest and pass the torch to someone else.

It’s like a music, movies, media tripod that blends itself in and out but stands on its own hind legs by itself too.

Right now, the fun part for me is viewing the Screen Actor’s Guild screeners (as a voting member) and reviewing the Billboard Grammy Voter Guide Magazine (as a non-voting member) in the Recording Academy Atlanta.

Yep, I’m still having fun and I’m enjoying it all: The bios get my vote for the Screen Actor’s Guild awards (12 Years a Slave, Philomena, and Dallas Buyer’s Club with honorable mention towards Captain Phillips, Lee Daniel’s: The Butler and August: Osage County as well).

The Billboard Grammy Votes are more complicated for me. I listen to this music but I’m a chorus director. I know the artists but don’t attach the names of the artists with their songs. Digital downloads kind of ruined it for me when matching artists to their music. Where’s the album cover art? However, I got back up to speed pretty quickly. There’s so much more underground music out there ’till really…are these the best popular artists out there? So much good music that hasn’t been discovered yet. I’m a die-hard fan of the Neptunes, so Pharrell (if I could) would have my vote. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis with The Heist CD (guess we don’t say album anymore) does too. The beat is the only thing about Robin Thicke’s song, “Blurred Lines” that I could listen to all day and I haven’t heard Tamar Braxton’s project nor Fantasia’s project which I would like to hear.

Then, I just scratched the surface of the audiobook industry. Yep. I have a long way to go. Really? I love a good story like the next gal. I can do live in a fantasy world all day long, really, I can. Except, I need my downtime and life with friends. Right now, I’m trying to book with my agent for commercials. I was the first refusal for Publix twice and didn’t seal the deal. I’m working on booking for my agent this year, definitely. My focus is on commercials, audiobooks, and jingles / songs (taking a workshop on cartoons / animations as well). My speciality involves a storyline with characters but I enjoy working in voiceovers in almost all genres. Also, if I can work full-time from home instead of part-time, I’ll do it. I have 19 years in education. I’m working on 20 years as my benchmark. I’m taking one day at a time and asking God for direction with clarity and solid work behind me. I’m thankful that I’ve enjoyed working in education in music and drama for these many years as well.

Thankful to God for His care. It really takes three wonderful jobs to make it in a big (Southern) city on a single income. It’s tough at times but I take one day at a time.

Again, pray before asking….As a Kerry Underwood song says, “Let Jesus Take the Wheel.” It’s about time.


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2014 It’s a New Year!

Yes! We made it! Can’t think of anything so positive right now than being alive in a New Year!

Every year has different challenges, outcomes, and growth spurts. My growth spurt in 2013 was to upgrade my studio with a new microphone, better acoustics, more training in another field and continue training in my current fields in acting with the SAG-AFTRA Conservatory, choral studies with DCSD and the Choral Journal and conventions, VOs with Voiceover City and the Conservatory along with private study with Vanessa Hart in audiobooks.

It was a tremendous year working in a new normal. No longer a non-union actor, I’ve had some great auditions with my union agent thus far with some first refusals as well.

The goal is to “seal the deal” with more union bookings. It’s a rough and tumble world out there.

Bring it on! 🙂


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