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Purpose for the Website

Good evening,

I just returned from my rehearsal with my scene partner who I shall keep nameless. She’s been excellent by the way (so thank you if you’re reading this. You know who you are).

This is my proclamation: My purpose for working in the arts is to express myself as much as possible. I have to express myself. There is no other way around this. My reasoning is very clear: I have two disabled brothers and two aging parents. I want to shine in my way. I have to express who I am in acceptable art forms so that I don’t flip out on somebody while I experience this planet with my time on earth.

For this very reason, I am reinforcing my belief system within myself and the genres that have chosen me (or that I think that I have chosen). If a genre is not for me, I don’t want to continue in it. I will let the desire die.

Therefore, I can live on this planet so that I can express myself. I choose to showcase my characters and make their voices heard as well so that they can shine and live on. I have to do this to the best of my ability. In song, I have to express the lyrics to the best of my ability so that the song can live. It deserves to live as I portray it or for someone else to portray better. Characters are the best way for me to portray these chosen fields. I don’t consider myself a great seller but can share what I know about a product because I believe in it.

I need whoever reads this to know (and to reiterate) why I choose to do what I do for a living. This website is for me and not anyone else. If you find me here, you were meant to be here.

Thank you for reading. Let’s enjoy Spring. It’s already here although the weather tries not to acknowledge that fact at times.



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