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unHappy Independence Day

First of all, Happy 4th of July! It’s a blessing to live in a country with religious freedom and rights for mankind (and animals). This is the most prosperous country in the world.

Unfortunately, it’s the most prosperous country in the world; however, it’s extremely poor in other ways. Everyone spends more time on social media than with their own families.

For me, it was the worst holiday with my family ever. My parents are having extreme financial difficulties which has come to haunt me as well. I helped my parents. However, it hurt my bottom line too. I unfortunately had to leave them today since I was unable to resolve my issues with them. I hope that our houses can be restored.

I am unable to share details of the situation. I just pray for myself and then for my parents and siblings.

Holidays remind me of unity. Let’s hope that unity can be restored in broken homes and inside spirits.

God bless America and each of us, everyone.



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