Summer’s Over

03 Aug

Thank God.

The worst summer that I’ve ever experienced. Really, the worst year to date ever, starting Christmas Day in 2013 when a music educator passed away and the music educators sang at the funeral. It’s been downhill ever since.

Why? After the funeral, January rolls around and Atlanta gets two ice storms (the North is still laughing at us), I had a break-in (nothing was taken so we suspect kids), had to get a second breast exam to check for breast cancer (I’m fine thank God), mom had hip replacement surgery (she’s fine thank God), I had to buy a new car (got it at 0% interest thank God), my dad took 2.5 K and couldn’t pay me back (I’m still hanging in there thank God), the audiobook is delayed but the right’s holder and I agreed on a new finished date (thank God)…

Wait a minute…After all of this BS, I’m still standing strong (with the help of the Lord).

Well, my test is a testimony. I’m still standing, so my post still remains “Summer’s Over….Thank God but I’m Still Standing.”

Have a better rest of the year public and enjoy the day!



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