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New Beginnings 2015

I wanted to write one last blog for the end of the year in 2014.

Perusing the blog, I discovered that I had a small group of followers about 30 plus now.

Again, thank you for reading.

I’m not interested in the numbers and I would love to steer the conversation less about me and more about the work that I’m doing.

I realize that I haven’t done it that much. Granted, it’s been a tough year and the website is GVOS and ME as well.

However, I hope to share more about the “work” related part of what I do and less on the “me” part.

Some of my posts have been switched to “private.” However, if you read those posts, you probably know more about me than I care to admit (rolling my eyes).

Have a wonderful new year! I will do the same.

Each day is a gift. I may discontinue the blog if I feel that I really don’t have anything to say except the personal stuff. That’s boring most of the time. If I can share more of the professional information that a person would like to know, I’ll keep the blog for another year. If not, I’ll switch the whole blog to private or remove it.

I can recommend excellent blogs to view to further your career. I’m just not the right blog for that purpose at this time:

1. VO Buzz Weekly – Excellent video blogs posted every Sunday by Chuck Duran and Stacey J. Aswad. Called the “Coolest” Voiceover Actor Show on the Web. Check them out. They’re cool. They interview the hottest people that’s working today.

2. EWABS – East West Audio Body Shop (if you love talking “shop” guys and gals, this weekly Monday night video webinar is for you)

3. SAG Foundation – Videos from seminars have been outstanding from voiceovers to film and television. Peruse to find more than one interest to view of your favorite movie and film actors to wonderful voice over webinars in animation, audiobooks, and voiceover material.

Google the information for the most up to date results. I hope that this helps you in finding material, answering your questions, and relatable voice over webinars and programs to get you jump started in a performance career in voiceovers and beyond.

I wish for myself and everyone reading this blog a prosperous new year! If this post has proved helpful, send me a comment.

Blessings to us all,





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Friends and Family Gone


I went to an annual Christmas party of a former friend, Paul. It was there briefly to drop by and say hello.

You know how there isn’t any parking, nowhere to sit, and you don’t know the new husband and only knew some of the party goers there? Yeah, I was there five minutes.

I was happy to see Sheila with her new husband and the guests. However, something got me thinking: Paul died of cancer about four years ago. Sheila’s new life with her husband is awesome, etc. but I’m from a former life. I was really a good friend of Paul’s and met Sheila as his spouse. I think she’s great. However, I will probably never see this woman again nor her son.

I’ve lost a few friends and family from cancer: Paul Jasionowski, Winn Floyd, (music educators); Vanessa Hart (audiobook trainer/talent); cousins: Nick Geter (heart attack) and Angela Jenkins.

I’m sad but thankful to know them. However, they are a memory now and I’m working on forming new memories of my own.

It’s bittersweet. Life hasn’t changed for me that much but so much has occurred.

I’m hoping for blessings, not sorrows. Happiness and joy, not dread and painful occurrences.

Life is a dream, right? (a Spanish play title as well).

Looking for more happiness in my future. I will “stick a toe” into 2015. I’m not diving in head first. I’m cautiously treading the waters to see what the future brings.

Peace, Happiness, Love, Light, Joy, Blessings, Health, Safety and Wealth.

May God richly bless us in all of these and more.


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