Pandemic and Public School Education

10 Mar
On March 12, 2020, metro Atlanta schools shut down due to COVID-19. I was feverishly working on a performance for my select advanced choir members when I realized that this performance will never happen. We were in a pandemic and I immediately explained to the bookkeeper in the morning that the choir wasn’t going to attend. That evening on the news, the schools in the state of Georgia shut down.

They were shut down for a year. Yesterday, March 9, 2021, students were able to return back to the building. There are two cohorts. The first cohort came and the next cohort will arrive on Monday, March 15, 2021.

It seems unreal that I’ve taught music via Zoom this whole time with few exceptions in the building when educators were instructed to return back to the building in February 3, 2021. I refused to give myself a few days since my ADA paperwork signed by my doctor did not get a response except that it was received. I arrived on Monday, February 8th with a vaccine shot in which I claimed caretaker of my mom. Since then, I received the second shot on February 27th and the family is vaccinated except the youngest which will refuse the vaccine.

Being alone during the pandemic with only my cat was an experience. I would see my parents but wouldn’t hug them and stayed my distance so that I wouldn’t pass anything onto them. Now, I can hug them again.

I’m unsure of the long term effects of the pandemic. I am receiving therapy which was a gift from a patron. It’s helpful. I had a lot to say about public education and the pandemic. Half a million people died including a cousin from COVID-19. So many people died. It was a fight to keep my parents healthy and myself even though they mostly did what I shared. I was adamant: Keep your mask on (I don’t care what the CDC says that you don’t have to wear a mask); stay 6 feet away; don’t hug people; keep your hands away from your face; wash hands for 20 seconds; wear your masks (that I paid for the family).

I’m different now than I was a year ago; however, I’m thankful.

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