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Ahhhh!!! (Hands in the Air!!!)

Do you ever just want to “choke” yourself? Sometimes, in my voice over lessons, I fall into “lava pits” with myself in copy.

Without giving away all of my bad habits, I can really make things harder than they are and I wonder why? Also, I am ditching all the bad advice from previous voice-over coaches while I work with the best coach who gets all of my idiosyncrasies and mishaps. I can be thankful for that. My brain, mind, and voice really works in sync with my core connection to script, copy, song, and life. A person can’t relate everything together; some things are separate from each other. However, I rediscovered the lesson that I had learned previously and applied it to new copy today. When I feel like an idiot, I can admit it most days which is good. I can say….okay. Chill the “f@kc out” and “connect the dots fool.”

I’m a riot … for many reasons.

Note to Self: I can take classes more frequently now which is great.

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