DEBT-FREE twice :)

22 Dec

Well, it’s Wednesday, December 22, 2021, and yippee-ki-yay, I will be debt-free (for a second time) in three months.

This was the hardest of my goals. My troubles started with giving a monetary loan to my dad so long ago who couldn’t repay it, almost losing my house, getting a terrible roommate, doing odd jobs like becoming a bartender, server, pet-sitter, and ESL tutor including voice over gigs as side hustle jobs to learning about finance, passive income, stocks, business grants from the SBA (Small Business Administration) and learning from the most ill credit card companies in the business.

American Express kicked my ass every single month by dinging my credit delinquent until the pandemic hit which was when three quarters of the world couldn’t pay their bills. That’s when they ultimately stopped. I guess they didn’t have enough employees for that.

American Express, the most hated of credit card companies, tops the list. Even my father, who always paid on time until his mental state declined, stated that he would never get a card from them again. Mom and I review the incoming household bills. I have to check with him frequently about them.

I also tried doing summer work with the board of education in my field and was financially discriminated against while my colleague got “his full pay” as colleagues during a music summer workshop let me know that I was learning the hard knocks that would last a lifetime.

Through it all, I paid my debts. I was sued twice (Chevron and American Express) until I paid them in full. Finally received by 15K from the EIDL grant and $2500 from the Facebook Minority Grant which I never dreamed that I would receive.

The board of education paid us our $1k vaccination bonus and educators got our checks from the GoldShaye Class Action settlement twice. Checks paid to educators for another three years (until I retire) for a total of five years. The school district finally decided that we should receive a bonus of 6% of our income since we were “risking our lives” by returning back to the classroom to teach while our peers were dying of COVID-19. I almost quit when I heard the superintendent spoke that if we were afraid of returning to work, we should get therapy. A patron paid for my initial therapy for six months for which I’m extremely grateful. Afterwards, I took over the payments at $150 per session.

My goals have changed. This is the second time that I eliminated my debt. I have new goals that involve passive income, savings, and choosing my work projects.

Yes, I’m thankful. My new goal is to never return to debt. My lifestyle and mental choices have changed.

However, I was angry of my treatment by so-called friends, family, individuals, real estate companies, credit card companies, the BOE, and myself for my lack of financial knowledge that almost killed me. I had to fight to stay in the middle class. I helped my family financially when I didn’t have the funds to lend for them and it almost killed me. Am I still angry? No, I’m not. Naivety can kill you. Now, I love my family, friends, and loved ones (even those that I no longer associate with). I love God. However, my therapist taught me to put myself first. Put on your oxygen mask first before helping others. This specific tip was the best. There are many stories that I could add to this post in relationship to my debt free status. I’ll share them eventually.

Life is the ultimate education, not educational institutions themselves. IMO (in my opinion), people pay for a college education just to remain in the middle class. It’s the individual who educates themselves for a more lucrative life beyond it.

If you’ve read this far, then maybe, you’re intrigued or a fan. Thanks.

Stay healthy.

Happy New Year!


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