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Respect and Trust in Business and Education

There are times that I am very quiet and introspective. Today is one of those days.

When I look back over my life, there were times that I was in danger and I didn’t even know it. There are times that as a female in business or education, that trust is limited. Friendships are limited due to trust. Can you trust me as a business owner? Can I trust a client that they will pay me? Can I trust a contractor that they will do a good job and not make me look bad? Can I trust that if I taught a concept or audience etiquette to kids or tweens that they will show their best and not worst selves? Can I trust? I have forgotten at times that I need to add protective layers that are built in for me so that I don’t put myself in a negative situation as a performer, in business, and as an educator. It makes me sick to my stomach when trust is broken, and it should.

I’m keenly aware that safety is first in all things. That honesty is embraced but not always followed. That people mean well but at times don’t have your best interest(s) at heart even your own family.

I’m still thankful and grateful today as I look back in my past and move forward in my future.

I have to stop and pause at times like today when there is an occurrence with family, friends, bosses, church members, business contractors, clients, students that give me concern while I move on this planet.

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Washington Square Park UMC

During Bible Study and studying Psalms 107, I contemplated what I was thankful for.

Washington Square Park Church came to mind. It was 2001 before 9/11, my check was lost in the mail. It was sent to Georgia while I was in NYC. I needed to make the deposit but my parents couldn’t find the check.

My funds slowly depleted until I totally ran out of money so I went to Washington Square Park UMC for a meal. They served on Wednesday evenings (I remember food was served on Wednesday evenings but I don’t know if they served every evening). I saw the pianist. He was a jazz cat with white hair and would play the hymns in a jazz style. All the music was performed in a jazz style. I don’t remember his name but I loved his music and the jazz choir.

I remember going in the summer of 2004 since my graduate studies in Educational Theatre was during the summer. I worked as a music educator during the school year in Georgia. It was their last Sunday in existence and I was there. I couldn’t believe it.

I don’t know how long the church was in existence in Washington Square Park, but it was a small group of people that would attend. It wasn’t sustainable and they had to close the church down. I noticed that they did wonderful things there. The church was later up for sale and the actress Kate Hudson was interested in the building but I don’t believe she bought it.

I’m grateful for the work of the church at Washington Square Park UMC. Later, my parents found my check in the amount of $10,800.00 stuck in a magazine that she happened to flip open. One of my professors offered to give me some money but I declined (the thought was appreciated but I couldn’t do it). Somehow while walking along the streets of NYC, I found $60.00 that I scooped up from the street and I made it through until my check was deposited.

The summer of 2001 was a hard year in my family which I won’t explain. The 9/11 attacks a few months later was horrendous. I was back in the music class teaching that day at Woodward ES in Atlanta, GA. However, I still remember the wonderful things the church did for the homeless, students, and everyone in need in that area in Lower Manhattan. Below is a link to another blogpost about the long history of Washington Square Park UMC.

Washington Square United Methodist Church: Where Identity and Inclusion Collided

What are you grateful for that you remember?


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