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Hello People of the World!

Hello People of the World,

Thanks for viewing my first blog post EVER! I have some goals in mind for blogging so that hopefully, people will know what to expect.

My Goals

1. Positive/Constructive Posts

2. Performance and Arts Education topics will include voice-over acting, choral/vocal music from primary, secondary, and college choirs, classical, jazz, and pop vocalists, and film and theatre posts. Arts Education topics (music and acting) will cover a lot of my posts with references to dance and the fine arts (Laban movement, Art Galleries) etc.

3. The posts will be informal; however, educational with my own discoveries along the way. Hope to make folks laugh with me and share some dramatic moments too. My life leans toward the dramatic…

4. Other topics will include the praise band that I currently sing with, the Fresh Start Band, Mozart (my cat), recipes/exercise, and travel topics.

5. There will be some religious statements due to my beliefs, family and private life. However, I want to keep those issues as private as possible. It’ll obviously slip; however, my goals are not to disclose my family to the world, but myself. I want to respect their privacy. Privacy for my students will also be respected (hope that I’ll still have plenty to write about…). If I’m not able to mention propitiatory information, I’ll state that. Companies prefer that their advertising promotions are kept confidential until they are ready to air. Also, I won’t criticize my employers, including agents. I won’t bite the hand the feeds me. Although, I may have to bite into wood if it gets that serious. I’ll pray definitely and call a psychologist when necessary. 🙂 If I forget, I’ll refer back to this post and try to remember my positive rant about goals, etc.

My request? Keep comments, criticisms, and critiques clean. You never know…

Locally in the metro Atlanta, I’m a member/work with the Atlanta 365 film community, WIFTA (Women In Film & TV Atlanta), MENC (Music Educators National Conference), local Orff-Schulwerk Atlanta chapter, Kodaly Atlanta chapter, Voiceover Universe, pay to play sites, and have VO talent agents in Milwaukee and Atlanta. I currently teach music in the public school system & drama in metro Atlanta, and perform primarily as a VO artist, singer, and do some on-camera acting work. Writing projects include educational scripts and songs. BTW, GVOS stands for Geter Voice Over Services.

Still with me? Let’s jump in this new world with my lawyer’s phone number at speed dial…



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