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When I was younger, I considered myself a wuss. However, I’ve had many brave moments as I look back over the years. Demonstrated bravery in my humble opinion was fighting in the military such as Vietnam or the recent D-Day remembrance in France or any obvious action by our military and armed forces. Our government paid fire fighters, police personnel and teachers. Okay, maybe I qualify at this point.

Sometimes, I look at the recent events of my family (my parents especially) and I see families who brave the daily struggle of life every single day. Children and teenagers brave the struggles of everyday as well from bullies, childhood illnesses, poverty and other factors.

At times, I forget that I’m brave. I’m brave when I walk out the door to greet my students (and sing or act bravely to an audience who are their peers and teachers), help my aging parents and disabled brothers, face the doctor, buy a house, car, ask for a loan, fly to LA, NYC or overseas as a performer/educator, face an acting scene, sing, play piano/guitar (or both), or project my voice into the microphone for another audition to get hired.

It’s a scary idea that words and a voice can get you a job. At times, I’m not so brave. Other times, I conquer the world. The older that I get, the harder bravery becomes. Day in and day out, we must brave the world and try to make positive choices.

As I audition at the microphone again today, I’m thankful for the brave positive choices that I made in my past. I will continue with God’s help to make positive brave choices for today and tomorrow. Sometimes, I’m not so brave. Today, I’m remembering that I am. Bravery is a daily choice as an entrepreneur.

Enjoy your day. A smile helps.


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Building Up and Tearing Down Walls

I tore down an acting wall today. It felt glorious! Not pushing, just being. Letting a moment in a monologue “be” but taking it somewhere. It’s a tug and pull of give and take between “want,” “feeling,” and “honesty.”

I’m an actor.

I sing choral music.

I do audiobooks.

But I’m an actor.

It feels good to know who I am. Glad that I’m reminded of that.


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The Word made Flesh

John 1:14

“And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.”

I went to church today and saw this scripture and it hit home for me. “The Word made flesh…” I’m taking it out of context but that’s how I feel as an actor (singer as well). I take the words and present my self as the person’s vessel to communicate their needs. Character sounds too much like caricature. What we do is extremely important in society. We show people in society how they are.

When you think of acting (and lyrics), this truth has great responsibility. It’s funny, sad, exhilarating, honest, gorgeous, beautiful, painful, and fruitful.

Acting and Music is not for the faint of heart. I pray that I don’t faint (or travel my life and end up with a cold heart). It’s an honest betrayal of people who I have to respect no matter their walk of life. God help me in my task(s) in every way.



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