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Yes, I’m still here…

Hey there,

I contemplated about quitting my blog. I was going to do it and I hesitated…

Yes, I’m still here.

It’s been extremely busy. Whoever reads these posts know that I work in choral music, drama, and voice overs. I’ve never been busier. It’s a little frightening but at least that I can say that I’m a full-time working arts educator/artist.

I’ve finally finished my audiobook training with Vanessa Hart. She’s wonderful and I already miss our training sessions. When I worked with Vanessa, I sincerely LOVED books! Funny thing, I worked in the library for 4 + years as I was getting my music education degree.

If you would like to find my demos, please check here. I am auditioning at this time while preparing for our Winter Fine Arts Concert this December and preparing drama students for their performances at the Alliance Theatre.

ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange)

Other voice actor news is that I took the ToonedIn workshop with Stevie Vallance via Voiceover City Atlanta and will take the more intensive workshop in 2014.

Why? Good question. I had wanted to take her workshop for several months. Now, that I’ve finished the audiobook training, I’m a little unsure about cartoons, but it was very enjoyable and I see character building involved with it. Right now, I am in audiobook mode and will pursue that here in Georgia. Three other people who I would like to work with eventually are Julie Williams (long form non-fiction), Nancy Wolfson (commercials), and Gabriella Nistico (radio imaging). I’ve met all three. Pat Fraley was awesome as usual too. At the end of the day though, you just need to work. lol The educator in me can’t be a student forever. I was able to take a class with everyone on that list so maybe that’s it. We’ll see.

Other news? Joshilyn Jackson, the NY Times Best Selling Author of Gods in Alabama wants to record in my studio to narrate a book for a friend who’s published with MacMillan. I love this. It’s a blessing (I pray) and will see where this goes. I never knew she was a Best Seller. I didn’t know who she was, maybe that was a good thing. We attend the same church and I see her all the time. That’s great.

God is good. Yes, indeed.

I’m praying about my personal life as well. I want God to deliver for me who He wants for me. It’s been a struggle for many years. I’m thankful for God’s care. Men and I are great but it hasn’t worked out for me for the long-term. We’ll see. There might be a change soon.

Got new headshots. Have to update approximately every couple of years. lol This type of work is expensive and it’s not for everyone.

Other than that, which is a lot, I haven’t written consistently in a few months. I’ve skipped here and there lately.

If you read this blog, let me know that you’re out there. I would love a shout out. I don’t write for the masses, maybe I should with pretty pictures. I write for myself and to keep a memoir out about my working life in the arts. It may turn around so that I can be more helpful to the audience. I should. I know that several people want to get into voice overs, acting, and/or music. Yes, I joined the Recording Academy as well.

If people say that you can’t make a living at this, people are wrong. You can.

Sometimes multi-tasking works for some, not everyone, but it can work using your voice, working in music, movies, and media.

Be well.


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Working Three Careers Simultaneously

Howdy! It’s been a minute; I should say.

I wanted to explain myself in some way for my ADHD way of doing business: Choral Music Director, VO Actor, and Theatre Educator.

Well you see…Ummm…It’s like this…Oh cut the crap: I enjoy what I do; I live in a right-to-work state; It just happened (similar to a pregnancy); I’m paying the bills; and I have to count my blessings (or curses when I wake up at 4 a.m.).

Yes, I’m awake a 4 a.m.

No, I don’t have ADHD but I have to use time management. When I’m on vacation, I completely shut down. That’s the truth. When I’m working, I don’t stop working. It’s a tough marathon at times but I find ways to refresh my soul for the long haul.

Watching performances in choral music and rehearsals, plays, films, and listening to VO artists help tremendously. The VO business was my way of performing (from home) so that I could contribute my talents when I taught so much during the week (6 days/week). However, time management aside, it’s tough but I can’t complain. Let me explain:

1. I remember graduating from college with a bachelors and could not find a part-time job, even in a bookstore (remember Oxford books in the ATL?). I was turned down. Nowadays, the economy is tough, so that would seem normal. I had to reconsider things.

2. There are very specialized jobs in the arts. It’s not a job that a person can normally apply without experience. That’s with any job. When I was working as a temporary worker, I remember that I was asked about a music question that an office worker thought that I couldn’t answer. The question was fuzzy but the answer was Dvorak. He couldn’t believe it. I knew then and there that I was not meant to work in an office outside of my field. I just didn’t belong there.

3. I was evolving. I had some tough music and drama teachers in my past but I couldn’t quit. I had to keep doing this work. Finally, I decided to take a plunge and go into business myself. It was the hardest thing to do, including switching music jobs at the same time and teaching a new drama class. I don’t recommend all of this at the same time but that’s what I did (or had to do – when it rains – it pours). I had to have some faith (a mustard seed kind of faith) and jump right into the pool, fully clothed (so to speak) or off a cliff (figuratively). It was refreshing but scary AND tough. As they say, the tough keep going.

4. Lastly, people don’t explain these things but here are thoughts to ponder and chew on: Money management, Time management, Work and Personal management have had a triad of imbalances a few times within my day. At one point, I had scheduled on a Saturday, an Honor Chorus with a ATL 365 showcase and a Drama Class (that I had found a substitute for) all on the same day. I needed a little help from my music educator peers with that one. Another Saturday, I had a commercial shoot with my agent with a Theatre Unified Audition in Atlanta, GA. My agent was able to get me to film first, then I could audition for the Unified Auditions later in the day. Scheduling weekday auditions during the school year is non-existent. I work all film auditions during the summer. VO auditions are after work and weekends if needed.

There you have it. I tend to have a personal life. Believe it or not, I’ve always had one too, although it’s normally with people in my field of work. It’s nice to meet other folks in different fields though. I’m able to attend luncheons with small business owners which is nice during the summers or during breaks.

It’s an interesting and fulfilling life but it’s not for everyone. Yes, I have to take care of myself as well. So, this kind of rapid on-the-go schedule will have to slow down eventually. All good things come to an end. When? I’m unsure but I’m starting to see and whisper the word over the horizon: Retirement.

I’m thankful for safety, health, my loved ones, and work that I enjoy. A passionate person is a person who enjoys their work so much that it doesn’t seem like work at all. They give their money and time freely. Although, I have to be careful with people regarding my time management, I enjoy limited scheduled time helping others as well. I normally refer private consulting jobs or private teaching gigs to my peers. You can’t run after money; there is enough good work in the arts for everyone. Trust me, if not, trust God. There is. God will take care of you.

Protecting my voice is what I care about the most, including my health. So I use a Fender Passport Wireless microphone with a speaker. I’ve had it for years. Recently, the microphone broke so it needs replacing. This microphone has protected my voice. I will ALWAYS HAVE to use a microphone in the public education system. It’s vocal insurance.

So there you have it: a workaholic or maybe a person who enjoys their work. When things start to change and it’s time to let go, it’s time. I have no regrets and I enjoy what I do. Hopefully (and prayerfully), people are pleased with my work. Be well.




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