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Yin and Yang

Hey there,

Thanks to those that have subscribed to this blog. I’ve gotten a few SEO email blasts about this blog. Currently, my intention of the blog remains solely for self-expression, not for thousands (or millions) of people to read in mass media. If the blog gets to that point eventually, so be it. The purpose of GVOS and Me is explained in the title: Yes, I have a company or small business – it’s also about the person running a small business. If you hang with me, you’ll get an idea of what I’m about. However, the purpose of the blog remains intact for self-expression, reflection, and growth along with the business. The blog can shut down at anytime. Again, thanks for hanging with me on this journey.

Now for my next topic: Social Media has its perks for small business. Social Media has its downfalls in small business. It’s an Yin and Yang” adventure. Let me explain:

1. Marketing: Advertising the business becomes part of the business plan. To grow a business, a person will need to get out there and socialize with others besides print and media marketing. The benefits build the business and getting to know other businesses is invaluable within itself, especially learning how to promote oneself and the business with a positive presence.

2. Education: Growing the business means that the owner must also build on current skills and/or gain new ones. The global marketplace moves faster than five hundred twenty thousand six hundred minutes (525, 600 minutes), as in RENT by Jonathan Larson, states within a year. Technology’s rapid speed means that businesses must keep up in this ever-changing marketplace.

3. Performance: Talent is implied. However, it’s a combination of talent and performance that exceeds expectations that will get a business noticed. Super (mad) skills can get a person in the door; however, the consistency in performance will build a business and encourages people to return.

Apparently, there is more to it than this. When I started, I didn’t know anything about business: how to run a biz, nor market a business. Education and Performance ability was what I knew. The starting, marketing, and building a business grows daily. Business is not for the “faint of heart.” Neither are the arts. There is an yin and yang to the venture. Let me explain:

1. Marketing: ¬†Again, advertising a small business has its perks and downfalls. Socializing and Social Media remain parts of marketing, including print (logos etc). Marketing costs time and money. Sometimes, a person has one or the other. Sometimes, the person has none (or both). In an artistic venture, a person will meet ‘n greet many types of people. Meeting people becomes the fun part or it is not the fun part. Can introverts carry this load 24 / 7 and 365 days a year? Does a small business person become weary of meeting new people that they do not know? People who want to get in the business typically introduce themselves and try to stay in touch, which is great. When does reaching out via social media with constant contact become too much, especially if the owner doesn’t know the person? The fine line becomes apparent when doing business versus socializing in business. Yet, growing a business means growing a fan base, especially concerning a talent in the entertainment industry. Internal questions may arise at meeting so many different people from all walks of life. A small business and the business owner can cautiously divide clients, business associates and friendships into categories. They intertwine; however, the cohesion and separation occurs effortlessly depending in work and social situations.

2. Education: Again, training in various degrees must remain within the business model. In the arts, does training replace practice? No, training and practice coincide as a partnership to further a person’s or company’s skills within the marketplace. A small business must consider their training along with practice as the company markets the business. Interestingly enough, time management can become unbalanced.

3. Performance: Again, performing at a high level consistently cannot suffer. People in performance have tough days. The customer, however, can never see the performer / owner of a small business have a bad day. It’s never about the performer, it’s about the customer in business, contrary to the divas and stars in the entertainment business. Aren’t all artists in the entertainment business, which includes classical and contemporary artists in music, movies, and media? I’ll let you answer this question.

Granted, I enjoy this field and working in different areas in the arts. There are some days; however, I can easily retreat from the world as an introvert in the arts. Aren’t all performers (or artists) extroverts? These are questions that an educator would ask, which seems the most comfortable fit since I’ve taught for many years. So, again, my style of writing and purpose of the blog will hopefully not provide the audience all the answers.

The journey has been an interesting one. As I said earlier in this blog entry, the scope has wide and deep vessels to explore. As a small business owner, I’ll see how long this road takes me. The blog gives me a chance to explore this venture as I also reach out to an audience and interact in the marketplace. When and if the time comes to fizzle social media entirely, or if by some miracle (they do occur but not as a person expects) this small business becomes big business in scope and a “hired” publicist does all the social media work instead of me, I can reflect at this venture as time well spent with¬†maybe an authentic fan base that supports this venture.

I’ve chosen a long road to fame or wealth, if that was ever the goal. As in any venture, time will tell if it lasts.

Be blessed.





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I’ve taught K-12 for 18 years. I’m looking ahead to the future. I’m not sure what the future brings though.

Would I retire from teaching? Yes. It could be at year 20, 25, or by a miracle, 30.

Why do I talk about retirement now? Well…a person realizes that to concentrate on an area, you have to give it your best. It’s total focus. Although, I’m unsure if I’m able to do that in this economy. Flexibility is a huge issue. I’ve never had true flexibility in any job. Maybe, it’s time to review my goals for the present and future. I’m thankful for my past up to the present. I love what I do: teaching chorus and drama to kids. I also love working in entertainment: VOs, music, and film/television.

However, students pay attention to what they see and hear. That means television, films, and radio. If you’re not on their entertainment radar, you’re not important to listen to. This doesn’t mean that every student thinks in this way. However, I get the student’s attention outside of the classroom. That means when I show them my professional credentials, they pay attention. They recognize BET (Black Entertainment Television); radio spots for products that they own in their homes, or professional singers/bands that they listen to and if I know them.

However, I’m thrilled when I see my current and former students do well as singers as soloists and in choral and/or performing magnet programs and actors on film and television. They do get recognized and parents will send me letters or I’ll see their names on Facebook from agents that they booked television shows, and I’m grateful that I was a small part of their success.

Currently, a former music student, Brandon H., works with Usher in the New Look Foundation, and Storm R. is a child actress in recurring roles for BET television.

I’m a strong believer in working in education and the community. I’ve done this for my entire career. However, parents, students, and school systems seem to lack the respect that teachers should receive. I’ve always placed education first and entertainment second. Now, the switch may come sooner than later.

If you’re tired, it’s time to leave. I believe in this, although, I’m careful with this word. I’m not burned out. Just tired of gun violence and gun security; lack of respect in education; lack of respect for teachers; working 7 days / week because education doesn’t pay all the bills, etc.

I love it all: education and entertainment. Change comes at a price. However, change is constant and never ends.

So, I take one moment, day, and year at a time. Everyone’s path is different. As long as people like your work (very important), I hope to continue working for life in education and entertainment OR entertainment and education, but making sure that I enjoy what I’m doing too.

Life is too short.


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