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Single People’s Problems

Life is interesting.

I’ll say it a little more clearly: LIFE IS (expletive) INTERESTING!!!

A childhood “friend” from Oklahoma apparently sent me a private message via Facebook thinking that I was a homosexual. I didn’t get the message but told her that I hope that it was sent to the right person/people. Then, I went off on Facebook:


No. I can see that it can confusing since I’ve been single off and on (mostly off) for many years. However, my friends include homosexual and heterosexual friends. It’s not always easy to tell who’s gay or straight nowadays neither. I’m personally tired of being alone. However, it’s better to cultivate meaningful relationships than idiots who think that complex individuals are easily manipulated into Twitter phrases.

Instead of blaming my family on how I was raised (that men need to get their act together), I’ve accepted responsibility for myself that I also need to get my act together too. My mom is a tough cookie who told me to get it together and take care of yourself. She also told me that it was better to be alone than with a man that doesn’t treat you right and vice-versa! My dad, however, has always been a great dad. I am very fortunate that I have a great relationship with both of my parents, and they have been together for the past 52 years. The marriage gene apparently skipped me though.

Let’s face it. Why are single people alone? For many many reasons: career, divorce, health issues, parental responsibilities for children and/or adults, etc.

Why am I alone? That will call for a therapist (dialing a number…)

Therapy aside, I can see why I got here at this point in my life. I never grew up looking at wedding pictures; it was always about career for me. Do I like it now? Not really. I see the need for changes, but I don’t believe that they will come quickly.

I’ve prayed, gotten girlfriends together, and talked to some men about it. Interestingly enough, I get along very well with men. I get along with men and women. I love connection with a man hasn’t happened. Do I love women? No. I would love what a person stood for and what they were about. Am I bisexual? That’s interesting, but no. I would like to meet the man who I am supposed to be with in the near future. But when?

Well God, the clock is ticking…

I reflect back on my childhood friends who have become grandparents and it’s frightening. WTH happened to us? We are that old that we can become grandparents?

Then, I realize that somehow, I’ve gotten stuck in my lifestyle and can’t get out of it. Something’s amiss and I don’t know at which point the issue lies; where should I point the finger at; whom should I point the finger towards? I can start with myself: I always do.

More importantly, I prefer to remain healthy from STDs and HIV. After all, Atlanta is the gay south. I’m saddened that it has come down to this: single people’s problems.

I met a Caucasian actress who was also an airline stewardess. At the time, we were both single and I asked her, “Why are you still single?” She was an attractive but older woman and she stated, “‘Cause no one asked me yet.”

Since then, I’ve met plenty of single people, mostly performers who are attractive, interesting, and honest people. There are many career minded people out there who haven’t met their mate or more importantly, soul mate. They’ve had plenty of relationships in their past but haven’t settled down. It’s a bit more complicated than most people think it is.

The bottom line is this: Assume means “ass of you and me.” Stop assuming and maybe if you’re good friends with the person, just ask.

Some married women have too much time on their hands more than likely. Leave single people alone and deal with your own personal problems! Stop wishing that you were us! Single folks have enough of their own (drops the mic!).

That’s the end of my rant!

Thanks for listening…(reading actually).


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Intimate Relationships

Hey there,

One thing that I never share is about my personal life. I will take a moment to describe it here….


That’s about it.

One thing that I will share though. I’ve had some great relationships. Technically if anyone wants to know: I’m not a homosexual or bisexual (probably would have had more fun). I’m a gal who’s had some great sex (thank God) and lived to tell about it with good health.

My goal is to have integrity in my relationships. There is a faith base to it that I pursue in my intimate life. I can’t live without it. Race doesn’t matter to me or my immediate family.

One thing that I will share as a performer. It’s tough. No doubt about it. Any woman whose a performer lives a tough life whether single or married. It’s not an easy road. Men have it rough but women have it rougher (no pun intended). It’s a very rough terrain road with skills that only God can give you to survive it. I love the performer’s life but it can be a lonely one. It’s enjoyable, delectable, spontaneous, and even righteous; it’s everything that a settled life isn’t for a married spouse with a family unless there is a financial means to obtain that.

I’m not a lonely woman but I’ve had loveless relationships. The only true long-lasting relationship I’ve ever had was with my parents and friends. They keep me grounded. My love relationships have all ended at one time or another mostly amicably which is a good thing. I respect most of my exes. Yes, they are on Facebook. They are politicians, parents, artists, and friends. They are great men. I’m glad of what we had together.

Yet, I live an artist life. It’s a rough road and to share it with someone would have to involve a trust and faith-based man who only he knows has what it takes to support an artist’s life. For me, it’s a loveless life until I find love or it finds me.

Let’s at least toast to the ones that loved us or we loved them. I toast my exes and the life that I have today. God take care of us everyone! (yeah..that was a version of the Christmas Carol line).


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The Word made Flesh

John 1:14

“And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.”

I went to church today and saw this scripture and it hit home for me. “The Word made flesh…” I’m taking it out of context but that’s how I feel as an actor (singer as well). I take the words and present my self as the person’s vessel to communicate their needs. Character sounds too much like caricature. What we do is extremely important in society. We show people in society how they are.

When you think of acting (and lyrics), this truth has great responsibility. It’s funny, sad, exhilarating, honest, gorgeous, beautiful, painful, and fruitful.

Acting and Music is not for the faint of heart. I pray that I don’t faint (or travel my life and end up with a cold heart). It’s an honest betrayal of people who I have to respect no matter their walk of life. God help me in my task(s) in every way.



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