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The Triple Threat…Really?

Today is the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday.

Thank you for following this blog to the small group out there that has done so. If you stumbled on this blog, welcome to my little world at GVOS and Me. You’re appreciated much more than you know.

Today, I want to share my thoughts (I do more of this than anything else), about the triple threat talented person in the arts.

It’s wonderful to have many talents. My thoughts come from protecting your talent and cultivating it at the same time.

It takes money, time, and continuous effort to hone the skills needed for a triple threat. However, you can negate them all at once if you don’t take the time to practice, get your rest, exercise, cultivate, pay for the expertise and skills from masters that you admire. Is it really a triple threat if you don’t take care of your instrument, body, and health? Is working too much too much for you?

I like well-rounded individuals. However, there comes a time when you have to say to yourself when and where should a person focus in their careers. A person should want a family and cultivate healthy relationships with friends and co-workers.

Whatever your triple threat was or has become, maybe reconsider your goals, objectives, skill sets with the time, money, and patience that’s involved. I’ve said that I’ve asked for forgiveness about asking to become a triple threat in my past. I concentrate on music (choral directing/singing), acting (film), voice overs (long form narration). I’ve done more in music than in any other discipline. However, I need to focus on my acting and VO as well. They are part-time disciplines while I still need to practice on my music (while earning money too, whew). I need rest, patience, and refueling of my desires to continue in the arts. If you’re not recognized for your talents, what does that mean? Are you really talented or wearing yourself out for no reason whatsoever (just asking the tough questions…).

I have to take one day at a time. Hopefully, those many days will produce more product for myself and my talents. Also, I have to say that if God really wants me to continue in these talents, show me the way. There are times that I’m at a loss for direction. However, I’m glad to listen for it from the sources that are positive for me.

What about you? I tend to hash out my belief system on here with inner conflicting questions no doubt. Sometimes, questioning then action remains helpful in one’s journey.

If you are a triple threat, good for you. If you have one talent that you’re good at, good for you. The one benefit of being a triple threat is that when one area becomes static, you can switch to another area to focus on that feeds back to the original talent. Disciplines feed off each other. You also might have other sources of revenue stream as well. However, do you really become a master in that area? It takes a lifetime to become a master unless you’re born a prodigy.

Think and ponder, then get back to work. If you enjoy what you do, that’s half the battle in one’s life solved.

Remain well,



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Triple Threats are Overrated…

Yes, I said it.

I’ve never worked so much in my life. It’s not a complaint (as strange as it seems).

The work is exhausting. It’s a blessing but don’t let triple threats fool you:

1. One type of work takes years to perfect; a lifetime to get right. Doing three careers at the same time? You’ll never sleep.

2. Yes, you’ll have the bills paid. Will you have time to enjoy it? On vacations, you are working.

3. Friendships and Family is important. Are you taking time out to connect with people? The arts (profoundly learned via Michael Shannon, film actor) is a service industry (specifically, acting is a service industry which is easily applied to music and voice overs). You’re here to serve. That means a “do over” to perfect a job is a part of the job. Hopefully, jobs are done right the first time.

4. Rest, please rest. Meditate. Pray. Eat healthfully and drink plenty of water. Exercise. Practice safe sex. Remain in respectful relationships. It’s our health that we’re talking about here so that we can continue doing what we enjoy.

Listen, I just can’t complain. It’s a true blessing. When I think about choral music, acting, and voice overs, I probably took more than I could chew. Think audiobooks (long form narration). Think choral music (concerts and rehearsals). Think acting (rehearsals, team effort, locations).

Well…it’s a blessing. It’s a fine juggling act. In many cases, I have to work seasonally. Some types of work require my full attention at that time. It’s just an intense beast to consider concerning each career, and my God, please do it well.

Yes, I said it. It’s hard; not for the faint of heart. However, if a person concentrates on one genre, the person may not work that much in the arts neither. A person also wants to remain available to other people’s whims and schedules since you’re a team player in the arts. Tough as it sounds; that’s the nature of the beast involving teamwork.

Pray before you ask for what you want. lol

That being said, the camaraderie of the people, the places, and the work is a joyful experience for the most part. It can’t be beat. You get tired but you’ll never tire from the work. It gives a tired person energy; it’s an oxymoron but true.

Yeah…a triple threat has triple the work. Pay your bills too (on time). Nobody gives a damn except the bank when the mortgage is due.

Be well, safe, healthy, and happy,


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