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The Voiceover Insider by Julie Williams

I get Julie’s email blasts and I noticed that she included a free webinar by Julie and Vanessa Hart called Audiobook Techniques and Getting Work. They worked together a lot. I did meet Julie Williams at VO Atlanta 13. She was really great and presented in long form nonfiction narration. She also spoke about medical narration, whereas Vanessa did mostly fiction.

Thank you very much for this. Below is a link to an article written by Julie Williams.

Voice Actors are extremely generous, so it’s nice to receive these gifts.

Check out Julie Williams’ articles at or email her at



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Memorial to Vanessa Hart, audiobook narrator and voice talent

Vanessa Hart unexpectedly died on Tuesday, February 11, 2014. Her sister, Dana, posted on Facebook the news. The family will post her obituary in the LA Times on Sunday, February 16, 2014.

We studied for five months from June to November 2013. She told me towards the end of our sessions that she wasn’t trying to take my money. lol I just wanted to take my time and learn from her. I knew that once I started teaching, that it would get difficult and it did. However, it was ALL WORTH IT. I’m so glad that I LOVED training in audiobooks. I loved words again. I enjoyed telling the stories in every paragraph and enjoyed my character research. The audio computer issues…not so much. I had plenty of those and George Whittam, Vanessa and I (along with Zach Herries with Mosaic Audio) had to really try to figure out my issues. That took time.

I was going to meet Vanessa here in Atlanta for the VO Atlanta 2014 convention with Voiceover City Atlanta in March 2014. Vanessa was excited and I was going to help her while she was here. However, I never got to meet her. I knew her well as a student though. Once, I canceled my session with her but she didn’t have time for a replacement, and I felt like a little girl in the 7th grade when I had to tell her that I ran out of money for the session. I had to explain to her that I didn’t pay her, nor my utilities for the month. I couldn’t pay anybody. lol Thankfully, I was able to pay everyone quickly soon after that incident. I had to slowly get back to her good graces after that. That was the only time that she was upset with me during our five month training session. I’m just glad that it wasn’t the acting that she was upset about. 🙂

So, I didn’t get to meet her but we knew each other well. What a treat to study with the great Vanessa Hart. She was a master audiobook narrator, actor, and voice talent. I’m so thankful that I had the courage to send a Facebook message on Christmas Eve 2012, asking if I could study with her. I wanted to start during the summer, and we did. My audiobooks demos are on ACX (audiobook creation exchange).

So, I will toast Vanessa after completing a book. I will complete many with prayer and tenderness, knowing that I trained with the best.

Thank you for your time spent with me, Vanessa Hart! It was ALL WORTH IT.



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2014 It’s a New Year!

Yes! We made it! Can’t think of anything so positive right now than being alive in a New Year!

Every year has different challenges, outcomes, and growth spurts. My growth spurt in 2013 was to upgrade my studio with a new microphone, better acoustics, more training in another field and continue training in my current fields in acting with the SAG-AFTRA Conservatory, choral studies with DCSD and the Choral Journal and conventions, VOs with Voiceover City and the Conservatory along with private study with Vanessa Hart in audiobooks.

It was a tremendous year working in a new normal. No longer a non-union actor, I’ve had some great auditions with my union agent thus far with some first refusals as well.

The goal is to “seal the deal” with more union bookings. It’s a rough and tumble world out there.

Bring it on! 🙂


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Yes, I’m still here…

Hey there,

I contemplated about quitting my blog. I was going to do it and I hesitated…

Yes, I’m still here.

It’s been extremely busy. Whoever reads these posts know that I work in choral music, drama, and voice overs. I’ve never been busier. It’s a little frightening but at least that I can say that I’m a full-time working arts educator/artist.

I’ve finally finished my audiobook training with Vanessa Hart. She’s wonderful and I already miss our training sessions. When I worked with Vanessa, I sincerely LOVED books! Funny thing, I worked in the library for 4 + years as I was getting my music education degree.

If you would like to find my demos, please check here. I am auditioning at this time while preparing for our Winter Fine Arts Concert this December and preparing drama students for their performances at the Alliance Theatre.

ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange)

Other voice actor news is that I took the ToonedIn workshop with Stevie Vallance via Voiceover City Atlanta and will take the more intensive workshop in 2014.

Why? Good question. I had wanted to take her workshop for several months. Now, that I’ve finished the audiobook training, I’m a little unsure about cartoons, but it was very enjoyable and I see character building involved with it. Right now, I am in audiobook mode and will pursue that here in Georgia. Three other people who I would like to work with eventually are Julie Williams (long form non-fiction), Nancy Wolfson (commercials), and Gabriella Nistico (radio imaging). I’ve met all three. Pat Fraley was awesome as usual too. At the end of the day though, you just need to work. lol The educator in me can’t be a student forever. I was able to take a class with everyone on that list so maybe that’s it. We’ll see.

Other news? Joshilyn Jackson, the NY Times Best Selling Author of Gods in Alabama wants to record in my studio to narrate a book for a friend who’s published with MacMillan. I love this. It’s a blessing (I pray) and will see where this goes. I never knew she was a Best Seller. I didn’t know who she was, maybe that was a good thing. We attend the same church and I see her all the time. That’s great.

God is good. Yes, indeed.

I’m praying about my personal life as well. I want God to deliver for me who He wants for me. It’s been a struggle for many years. I’m thankful for God’s care. Men and I are great but it hasn’t worked out for me for the long-term. We’ll see. There might be a change soon.

Got new headshots. Have to update approximately every couple of years. lol This type of work is expensive and it’s not for everyone.

Other than that, which is a lot, I haven’t written consistently in a few months. I’ve skipped here and there lately.

If you read this blog, let me know that you’re out there. I would love a shout out. I don’t write for the masses, maybe I should with pretty pictures. I write for myself and to keep a memoir out about my working life in the arts. It may turn around so that I can be more helpful to the audience. I should. I know that several people want to get into voice overs, acting, and/or music. Yes, I joined the Recording Academy as well.

If people say that you can’t make a living at this, people are wrong. You can.

Sometimes multi-tasking works for some, not everyone, but it can work using your voice, working in music, movies, and media.

Be well.


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