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Bad-a$$ VO Auditions

Hey there,

It’s been five months since I last wrote on my blog. It was a purposeful decision. I really didn’t have much to say during these five months that wasn’t totally about me dealing with personal issues. I’m moving beyond the personal and back to the professional to some degree today. It’s been a purification of water, fire, air, and dirt (thrown in my face). I’ve been extremely blessed to work in a performing arts school that’s about five minutes from home which is beyond cool and extraordinary. There are constant performances in choral and instrumental music with my students including drama, dance, and art. I’m eternally grateful to become a part of the faculty.

Today’s purpose is about voice-overs as a union talent in a right to work state. I was sent a non-union voice-over audition from my agent in FL who knows that I’m a union actor. Heck, I have SAG-AFTRA on my website. So, I’m being tested to check if I will do a non-union gig under the table. That is the only rationale that I can think of at this point since they needed decent, good, or great African-American women to submit the audition and send that baby to the client. Apparently, I passed the test of “decent” enough that they wanted me to submit.

(Sigh)……I have the desire to post on my Facebook and biz pages that I do not accept non-union work since my agent is on my friend’s list. That is just a reminder to them. However, no, I will not. They know. I’m just being tested.

So, I’m sending my a$$ to Nancy Wolfson to become more bad-a$$ and see if I can book the gigs that I hope she sends my way and book the sh!*&t out of them. After that, I’m sending my a$$ to Celia Siegel for marketing help.

If a talent chooses Fi-Core, then fine. However, I’m not Fi-Core. I get plenty of non-union auditions daily. I don’t do them. I audition as a union talent. I’m sharing this since a talent has to stand up for what they believe in doing. Morals trump money (so that’s why I’m broke…hmmm). Most of the time, it’s the other way around. I’ll keep my morals (thank you God).  If I want more money, I don’t prostitute. I work as a bartender or pet sitter or teach music/drama lessons if I need more money. We all need more money. However, I’ve come to realize the whore side of this business. It’s not for children and yet child actors need protection as well. It’s a crazy, ruthless, stab-you-in-the-back-kind of business. Yet, I have some morals that I choose to keep. I intend to keep them (praise God) and will work towards that end.

So, I’m working now locally and my auditions have improved. I’ll continue to work hopefully with sessions when I can afford them with Nancy Wolfson and company (Jeff who?). It’s a matter of showing up and showing out.

Parents beware. Raise your children to become excellent people first. If they want to work in the arts, they will find their way. Raise your child and pray for them daily.

Meanwhile, be bad-a$$. That’s what this takes. I don’t know how the ending will come out. However, nothing less than your best will do. Get the best and do your best.



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The Best Vacation Ever

Yeah, I can say this for a fact. I’ve spent a lot of money in my lifetime. We all have but I’ve done some damage. Expenses went to paying for college at NYU, traveling overseas, a home, instruments, voice over expenses with a new business, etc. I’ve spent a lot of money over the years. Yet, the best expense was staying at home, saving my money and my sanity.

This has been “The Best Vacation Ever” by staying at home and working from home. I’ve learned more about me than I dreamt possible. Yeah, I worked on Saturdays as a drama teacher (for one hour) but I essentially worked from home. It was hard. I’ve done some major improvements and still have more to do. I’ve practiced on my voice over reads, worked on the acoustics in my recording studio/office. Worked on an acting scene with my partner at the union conservatory, went to some choral workshops, exercised but I mostly stayed home and worked on me: What works, work doesn’t work. Worked on being a full-time voice over actor for once. It was hard because I got the cold hard truth many times and it’s humbling several times. I’ve sought improvements from the Edge Studio, Pay to Play Sites, and EWABS, and I’ve made adjustments accordingly. It’s tough as an entrepreneur to hear what YOU need work on, and it was true. Money can’t make you into a better talent, only you can. Money can help but only you can improve your skills, acoustics, knowledge, and experience by DOING it! Practicing is best: not just practice but perfect practice.

Today, I have a Nancy Wolfson webinar. It will be hard to hear. She tells it like it is. God bless her. As a younger kid, I would have cussed her out (in private mostly) since my youth was to react to folks in that way. Yeah, she’s tough but I want to hear what she has to say. Most people don’t want to hear the hot or cold truth so they don’t improve. Stubbornness doesn’t improve your skills just keeps you stuck turning your wheels.

It was a tough summer also since I had many repairs that cost me upwards of 4K. That was hard. Hell, life is hard many times.

I’ve started reading my Biblical devotions again. It’s nice to enjoy a cup of joe and read silently in the early mornings on your back patio. Sounds like heaven? It was. Hence, this summer was The Best Vacation Ever: Discovering, Growing, Learning and Enjoying the Simple Pleasures in Life.


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