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Cutting Down Trees; Building Gardens


There has been many events that have occurred this summer (not to mention US events like marriage equality and Obama care).

Life has been a wild ride! Enjoying the ride with its crazy and life altering changes. I’m still here; that’s what matters.

1. I start a new job with a performing arts school. Glad to join the faculty.

2. Booking union VO gigs via the website and word of mouth including the Voxy Ladies website. Glad to book as a union talent in a right to work state. The non-union talents are killing it due to lower rates. However, I’m well and glad for that as a union talent.

3. Got a roommate. We were both theatre majors so we have things in common.

4. Graduated from bartending school. I learned a new skill. Actually, my roommate and I both went. We’re having private parties for friends. Will work event gigs on the weekends as well if needed. Glad for the new skills for a few gigs.

5. Met my favorite playwright, Pearl Cleage, and choral composer, Roger Emerson, this summer for workshops.

6. A theatre owner passed away who hired me as an actor many years ago, S Craig McConnell. It was unexpected. I went to see him in the hospital and later to his funeral. Others passed as well, however, I didn’t know her, Jo Noonan.

7. On the mend from unexpected outpatient surgery. Life is interesting.

It seems that I’ve been cutting down trees to reach a destination. I’m ready to plant gardens and stay awhile. The work is continuous and I’m glad for the work. My goal is to work smarter, not harder. A life in the arts is not for the faint hearted. Diligence, passion, exercise, perfect practice, and reflection is a part of it. Ask for forgiveness if you asked too much. It’s a calling and few are chosen. I’m thankful to remain. Want excellent work sent from me. It’s not about the money but I’m worth every penny! 😉

I’m slowing down a bit. However, I’m building more meaningful relationships. If you are reading this post, then thanks for being here. I don’t have nor want a lot of readers. It’s not a popularity contest. My blog has become a reflective personal journey which includes info on the arts, specifically VO. It’s become more personal than what I have expected. I’ll post more VO related (and arts related info soon).

Until next time,

Enjoy Life, Life is to be enjoyed!



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