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USA 46th President goes to…..

Joe Biden, President, and Kamala Harris, Vice President.


I’m glad. I’m working hard to assist my family during the pandemic. I’m thankful for good news at last. However, I’ve never worked harder to stay healthy while assisting my family. It’s the toughest time I’ve seen in my lifetime. I was born in 1970 so for the past 50 years (birthday is November 25th), I’ve never seen anything like it. Dad said that the 60s were worse. I believe that as well. However, I hope that this new administration can bring people together without inflammatory critique.

We’ll see.

I did get some tax benefits owning GVOS under #45. His whole goal was to protect business (and provide tax breaks for the wealthy). I would want Biden to help business as well. It was helpful. However, Biden will hopefully use less inflammatory language during his term.

Geez. Please?! As a black woman, I was timid to go out in public, not just to stay healthy. I had fear as a person of color to leave my house. I saw George Floyd die on Facebook and people of color dying in the streets via video.

We’ll find out.


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