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Respect and Trust in Business and Education

There are times that I am very quiet and introspective. Today is one of those days.

When I look back over my life, there were times that I was in danger and I didn’t even know it. There are times that as a female in business or education, that trust is limited. Friendships are limited due to trust. Can you trust me as a business owner? Can I trust a client that they will pay me? Can I trust a contractor that they will do a good job and not make me look bad? Can I trust that if I taught a concept or audience etiquette to kids or tweens that they will show their best and not worst selves? Can I trust? I have forgotten at times that I need to add protective layers that are built in for me so that I don’t put myself in a negative situation as a performer, in business, and as an educator. It makes me sick to my stomach when trust is broken, and it should.

I’m keenly aware that safety is first in all things. That honesty is embraced but not always followed. That people mean well but at times don’t have your best interest(s) at heart even your own family.

I’m still thankful and grateful today as I look back in my past and move forward in my future.

I have to stop and pause at times like today when there is an occurrence with family, friends, bosses, church members, business contractors, clients, students that give me concern while I move on this planet.

Let me know your thoughts.



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GreenPath Financial Solutions Podcast Real Stories: Ep. 29

This episode was published on July 15, 2022. It's called "Side Hustling" to a More Balanced Life. It's my story to financial wellness. Thanks. 

Note (4/22/2023): I don't know why the website is telling you to subscribe. That is not the point of my story and I don't know how to remove it so that you can hear the audio for free. So, you're appreciated regardless if you subscribe or not! The download is about 1.5 hours. Enjoy the day!

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Running a Business as a Sole Proprietor

Hmmm. The interesting part of running a business is separating myself as a person / sole proprietor from the business.

Have you heard the phrase? “It’s not personal; it’s just business.” Well, women entrepreneurs tend not to have this gene. Artists, especially, have a difficult separation from the emotional and the business aspects of running a company as a sole proprietor.

Case in point: As a self-employed person (titled business A), I’ve requested technical service help (from business B) for my business. However, I need more service help from another person (business C) before I can get what I need (from business B). Bottom line: I prepaid for something that I will not receive from business B and need a refund.

Sounds logical? It wasn’t. It became personal, and I needed the resolution that my work vacation gave me to ask for the refund.

It’s not personal; it’s just business. Exactly. However, it didn’t occur to me that business B was not going to offer a refund. It’s my task to request it. Meanwhile, whatever warranty or expiration date of receiving a refund was not going to get answered by my email requests, unless I took the time to formally request the funds back as a person, leaving the rejected service emotional toil outside of my personal self and respond as a business owner.

It’s not a man vs. woman thing. It’s not a personal rejection thing. It’s business THANG whether you’re a sole proprietor or running a Fortune 500 company.

I’ll post if I got the refund. Laughingly, that’s not the point. What? Money is not the point?

No. The bottom line of this point is this: It’s not personal; it’s just business.



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