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Are You Woke Yet?

Today is June 5, 2020. The year is not over and we are in the middle of a global pandemic, the death of George Floyd that began a movement of protests around the globe about racial and economic disparity, and the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression and WWII,

By now, some people will never understand what is going on around them. In the South, we say “Bless her heart.” I also have to say “Bless his heart” except for #45. By the way, if I give a person a number, by now, people should know that the writer doesn’t care for that person. It’s the nuances that people don’t understand in every aspect of culture, privilege, race, and writing. It’s the simple to the complex. If people want to understand, they will earn an education on their own which cannot be taught in public schools. To earn an education within itself is of high regard. It is permanent. However, a personal education may become more valuable to the learner than earning a piece of paper.

I’ve read many people who are nice, pleasant, even pastors, who don’t understand the issues that are going on around them. It seems to remain pleasant which is extremely helpful is not enough. If a person is not aware of the public situation around them, I cannot remain in their vicinity. Their ignorant privilege is showing and I have to dismiss myself from their presence. People are trying and I give them credit for trying. However, by now, if a person doesn’t understand the world around them, I disperse. People will educate themselves or a different person will take their hand and lead the way.

My time can be spent on growing economic wealth, studying my craft(s), and working on building a future. Since I don’t know my future due to not having my own family, at least I can build a positive future for myself until another person is interested in buying out my businesses.

I’ve seen a few people tear the world down or build it up. It only take about three people in the world. For instance, I’ve seen a few school board members put a whole district in a county with a one million plus revenue put on probation for academic accreditation. It took a year or two to remove the probation. I’ve also seen that a death, the latest by George Floyd, by a policeman can turn the world upside down. That was two souls plus three cops. I saw #45 and a few politicians allow the USA to dismantle itself globally in front of presidents and royalty without concern. My hope is that I will live to see how everything turns out. We are in an economic and social crisis globally in the USA. At the present, the end has not presented itself.

It takes a few people to turn the world upside down. Stay alert. Remain present. It’s a practice. Education remains fluid and constant. If you don’t understand something, figure it out. Self-educate yourself. People don’t like their time wasted. It’s not the job for others to teach you unless they’re paid. Educate self and if you’re ignorant, maybe keep that to yourself in private. In turn, people are wasting their breath and time due to educating people that don’t want to at least listen and learn. Disperse. There isn’t an excuse anymore not to be aware of social disparity and where you currently fit in the spectrum.

Are you woke yet?


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