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Happy New Year 2016!

First… I do not usually create New Year’s resolutions. However, I do have some thoughts about the New Year that I would like to share…be yourself.

We keep our true selves hidden from others. If you have committed a crime, then I can see why. Jokes aside, we change ourselves to gain acceptance for more friends, fame, money, etc.

Who are you? What are your interests? What do you like or dislike? In simplest terms this is basic. However, we are very afraid to remain ourselves to the outside world due to criticism. No one enjoys criticism so we shun our personality from the world which includes social media.

I don’t know how long that I will continue to post. I do not seek attention although I have a business and am in the entertainment field. I need to make a living but want a life. However, these are some things that I will share on social media. I’m going rogue but here it is.

  1. I’m 45 years old, never been married and don’t have children. I would have liked to have had a kid. However, I probably won’t adopt and reproduction for its own sake is not high on my list. If possible, a kid needs two parents, preferably male and female. If the diagram doesn’t fit, oh well. Love matters the most.
  2. I’m not gay.
  3. I believe in Jesus but if you don’t, I don’t hold it against you. Judgement comes from God and actions speak louder than words.
  4. I feel closer to God when singing. I understand human nature more and myself when acting. It’s similar to the nave (cross) for me. My voice represents my spirit. If rejected in auditions, I can’t hold it against you:  the client (s).
  5. I’m a free spirit (I recently discovered this. I don’t know why it took so long to understand this.)
  6. I have to watch my weight. Looks are important to me. Unfortunately, I can be judgemental as the public when it comes to appearance. That’s shameful of me. However, it’s an honest assessment of myself. Your truth is more important. Ignore us if you don’t fit people’s expectations of beauty due to weight, including beauty, intelligence, fame, education, or money. Accept yourself.
  7. I accept myself flaws and all. I choose to remain positive as a person but trust my instincts. The world is a dangerous place in every part of society. I’m not a fan of my “truth” hurting others or myself. Safety first. Naïveté isn’t acceptable, so I’m not immune to criticism. My hope is that my joy remains intact through it all.
  8. I’m pro-life for myself but don’t believe in subjecting my belief on others due to the law. Every woman has the right to choose what they want for their own body, so I’m pro-choice too. How can that be?
  9. I can accept the fact that marriage may not be in my future and I don’t mind if I never marry. It’s better to live happy alone than miserable with a person that I don’t like for the sake of security.
  10. Security is a myth. If you live long enough, life teaches you to live on your own terms. You live and die in your own skin. I appreciate my own choices and living my truth. The truth will set you free. Acceptance from others if not living your truth, doesn’t make you free; it binds you in a lie. Your truth is more important than my acceptance. Let God remain the judge.

These statements may or may not matter to people. I would like to make money blogging but I’m not interested in mass acceptance by the public: so my bad, oh well. If you want, you can send me one dollar via PayPal. I’m joking but not really. I can accept a gift if I helped in any way. lol

Unfortunately, this blog has been more about me and reflection than GVOS. Fortunately, I’ve kept to my premise based on the title of this blog and have kept up with the writing. I impressed myself this time. Maybe you will also find something that interest you and keep it up as well. If it doesn’t serve you, let it go. I will work on the same principle. Also, I won’t let fear keep me from trying new things. If I make a discovery, I’ll share it.

Enjoy your life. I will take one day at a time. Life is too short for nonsense. Be you and the best that you can be. Happiness is a choice.

Love, Kim

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