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Audiobook Pre-Production News!

GREAT NEWS: Production in conjunction with ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange) has started on the audiobook, Redcliffe: The Adventures of Two Southern Girls by Kathyrn B. Hauer! Narrated by Kimberly Geter via Geter Voice Over Services, LLC. Look for the audiobook by the end of the summer! Copies can be purchased via Audible, Amazon, and iTunes!



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Triple Threats are Overrated…

Yes, I said it.

I’ve never worked so much in my life. It’s not a complaint (as strange as it seems).

The work is exhausting. It’s a blessing but don’t let triple threats fool you:

1. One type of work takes years to perfect; a lifetime to get right. Doing three careers at the same time? You’ll never sleep.

2. Yes, you’ll have the bills paid. Will you have time to enjoy it? On vacations, you are working.

3. Friendships and Family is important. Are you taking time out to connect with people? The arts (profoundly learned via Michael Shannon, film actor) is a service industry (specifically, acting is a service industry which is easily applied to music and voice overs). You’re here to serve. That means a “do over” to perfect a job is a part of the job. Hopefully, jobs are done right the first time.

4. Rest, please rest. Meditate. Pray. Eat healthfully and drink plenty of water. Exercise. Practice safe sex. Remain in respectful relationships. It’s our health that we’re talking about here so that we can continue doing what we enjoy.

Listen, I just can’t complain. It’s a true blessing. When I think about choral music, acting, and voice overs, I probably took more than I could chew. Think audiobooks (long form narration). Think choral music (concerts and rehearsals). Think acting (rehearsals, team effort, locations).

Well…it’s a blessing. It’s a fine juggling act. In many cases, I have to work seasonally. Some types of work require my full attention at that time. It’s just an intense beast to consider concerning each career, and my God, please do it well.

Yes, I said it. It’s hard; not for the faint of heart. However, if a person concentrates on one genre, the person may not work that much in the arts neither. A person also wants to remain available to other people’s whims and schedules since you’re a team player in the arts. Tough as it sounds; that’s the nature of the beast involving teamwork.

Pray before you ask for what you want. lol

That being said, the camaraderie of the people, the places, and the work is a joyful experience for the most part. It can’t be beat. You get tired¬†but you’ll never tire from the work. It gives a tired person energy; it’s an oxymoron but true.

Yeah…a triple threat has triple the work. Pay your bills too (on time). Nobody gives a damn except the bank when the mortgage is due.

Be well, safe, healthy, and happy,


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When I was younger, I considered myself a wuss. However, I’ve had many brave moments as I look back over the years. Demonstrated bravery in my humble opinion was fighting in the military such as Vietnam or the recent D-Day remembrance in France or any obvious action by our military and armed forces. Our government paid fire fighters, police personnel and teachers. Okay, maybe I qualify at this point.

Sometimes, I look at the recent events of my family (my parents especially) and I see families who brave the daily struggle of life every single day. Children and teenagers brave the struggles of everyday as well from bullies, childhood illnesses, poverty and other factors.

At times, I forget that I’m brave. I’m brave when I walk out the door to greet my students (and sing or act bravely to an audience who are their peers and teachers), help my aging parents and disabled brothers, face the doctor, buy a house, car, ask for a loan, fly to LA, NYC or overseas as a performer/educator, face an acting scene, sing, play piano/guitar (or both), or project my voice into the microphone for another audition to get hired.

It’s a scary idea that words and a voice can get you a job. At times, I’m not so brave. Other times, I conquer the world. The older that I get, the harder bravery becomes. Day in and day out, we must brave the world and try to make positive choices.

As I audition at the microphone again today, I’m thankful for the brave positive choices that I made in my past. I will continue with God’s help to make positive brave choices for today and tomorrow. Sometimes, I’m not so brave. Today, I’m remembering that I am. Bravery is a daily choice as an entrepreneur.

Enjoy your day. A smile helps.


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