Pot Roast: Crock Pot Style

17 Jul

I bought roast beef and didn’t know how to cook it. I know. I had it good for a LONG time…Anyway, some friends on Facebook told me what to do. The recipe that I used is below. I basically threw it together without a lot of measuring. However, if there are measurements, I had a need to remember, so I wrote it down. BTW, this is not a weight watchers recipe. I will have my first meeting this week.

roast thawed and washed

4 c. water

chopped celery (approx. half a small bag)

small baby carrots (approx. half a small bag)

2 sliced and peeled medium potatoes

sweet red, yellow, orange peppers

1/2 sliced onion

3 T olive oil



sea salt


Worcestershire sauce

1 pkg. beef Lipton soup mix

red wine (optional for a gravy texture)

The spices are seasoned to taste. I didn’t measure them. Mix and cook on low for 8-10 hours. Slam dunk, it was a winner! I LOVED it! Made cornbread muffins and drank some of the wine instead of cooking with it (oops!). For dessert, I had a skinny cow ice cream sandwich. It was a simple meal that I enjoyed. You can put 1 can of cream of mushroom soup instead of beef Lipton soup mix for a nice gravy. I saw recipes where flour can be added for a nice gravy as well. Next time, I may sear the meat on both sides and marinate the meat first. Friends shared their versions and I added a little of theirs with my twist. There are many variations. See below a different twist for this recipe. I was also told that more recipes are found at or


Comments from Linda J.: “Before you drain the excess water, leave the cover off the beef and let it boil off. This would create more flavor in your beef….simple is best try topping the beef with mushrooms, sautéed with onion, garlic, butter or margarine and add Worcestershire sauce. Yummy!”

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